Ottawa To Provide $250 Million To Prop Up Strategic Innovative Firms Hurt By Covid-19

Space Force Arming to Jam Russian, Chinese Satellites...:

(Bloomberg) — The new U.S. Space Force is building an arsenal of as many as 48 ground-based weapons over the next seven years designed to temporarily jam Russian or Chinese communications sat…

Ottawa to provide $250 million to prop up strategic innovative firms hurt by COVID-19: James McLeod

Program could help as many as 1,000 startup tech companies and 10,000 jobs

‘You don’t want to waste a good crisis’: Economists ponder playbook to restart and strengthen economy: Gabriel Friedman

Investments in infrastructure like 5G and public transportation will allow Canada to emerge stronger from the crisis

The GST/HST credit has been boosted due to COVID-19 — here’s what you need to know: Jamie Golombek

Jamie Golombek: Everything you need to know about GST/HST credit, how it works and how much extra you may expect to receive this month

The road to recovery will be difficult, but this Canadian company has its eye on the future: Kevin Carmichael

Kevin Carmichael: Strength of the recovery will depend on the willingness of households, executives and investors to pick up where they left off

Half of Canadians have seen their employment status change because of coronavirus pandemic: poll: Geoff Zochodne

Significant percentage of those polled had sought relief on mortgage or rent, but most were unsuccessful

Shopify surges after CTO touts ‘Black Friday level traffic’: Bloomberg News

Shares are on track for a record high

Ontario doctors rush to test alternative to ventilator drugs as supplies run low: Naomi Powell

A team of Ontario critical care doctors is rushing to test an alternative strategy for sedating severely ill COVID-19 patients on ventilators as supplies of the drugs typically used for the task run low. Doctors heavily rely on sedatives and paralytic drugs t…

Shockproofing Canada: How do we get the medicine we need when we import 70% of our drugs?: Naomi Powell

We can make masks, we can make ventilators, but we can’t make many of the drugs needed to treat COVID-19. Naomi Powell looks at a problem not easily solved

Price tag for aid to Canada’s workers: $16 billion in one month: Bloomberg News

$8.4 billion has been sent to residents not eligible for jobless insurance through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Dow set to jump 600 points at open on report that Gilead drug is helping COVID-19 patients: Bloomberg News

The week is ending on an upbeat note after the White House set guidelines to reopen the economy

Bookkeeping is crucial for freelancers: Postmedia Network

Stay on top of your finances during this time of uncertainty.

The Lockdown Portfolio: Five stocks positioned to outperform if COVID-19 social distancing drags on: Peter Hodson

Peter Hodson: Some of these stocks have run hard already, and in a post-COVID world might seriously underperform, but for now, they're looking good

Canadian farmers warn they may ‘sit out the season’ unless government aid guaranteed: Jake Edmiston

'This is a potential tragedy, one Canada cannot afford,' said Canadian Federation of Agriculture President Mary Robinson

Ottawa planning rent relief program for smaller businesses: Barbara Shecter

Could include loans for commercial landlords who would reduce or waive rents from small business from April through June

Economy may need ‘a couple of years’ to make up lost ground once outbreak ends: Bank of Canada: Reuters

Governor Stephen Poloz said the economy could lose between 4 per cent and 6 per cent of gross domestic product in 2020

Moderna receives $483 million BARDA award for COVID-19 vaccine development - Financial Post:

Moderna receives $483 million BARDA award for COVID-19 vaccine development Financial Post What Is the Earliest We Could See a Coronavirus Vaccine? extratv The medical companies racing to find a COVID-19 vaccine msnNOW University of Oxford coronavirus vaccine …

Shockproofing Canada: ‘We need to leverage our energy sector to grow the economy’: Larysa Harapyn

Business Council of Canada CEO talks about how a country made wealthy by globalization and trade can also protect itself against unknown future shocks

‘Some of our companies won’t make it’: Canada’s pension funds prepare for a post-coronavirus world: Bloomberg News

Funds are weighing everything from what it'll look like when people go back to work to how different companies in portfolios will fare

Why you might be afraid to spend your stimulus check - Financial Post:

NEW YORK — If you got your stimulus payment this week from the IRS and it is still in your account, are you afraid to spend it?Many recipients immediately deployed the money they received as …

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