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## [Five ways small investors can gain a big edge over the professionals: Peter Hodson](
> We were talking to an investor the other day, and he indicated he didn’t like the stock market because ‘the big players have all the advantages.’ He had heard about high-frequency trading, insider dealer, brokers manipulating prices and financings, and other …
## [Back to work for some, but here’s what to do if you don’t get that call: Howard Levitt](
> August, dubbed by Sylvia Plath as that odd uneven time between summer and autumn, is odder still this year, given that for many employees it will be the end of an unprecedented couple of seasons that have left them, for the first time in their careers, at hom…
## [Analysts express confidence in GFL Environmental in wake of negative short-seller report: Victor Ferreira](
> A number of analysts are reiterating their confidence in GFL Environmental Inc. after the stock lost as much as 10 per cent of its value on Tuesday following the release of a negative report from an activist short seller. Ne…
## [Gold fuels rally in junior mining that has the TSX Venture on fire: Gabriel Friedman](
> Gold exploration and early stage companies in other sectors are fuelling a massive rally at the TSX-Venture exchange, which has come roaring back after hitting rock bottom earlier this year when the coronavirus pandemic froze most economic activity. …
## [Diane Francis: Trudeau's autocratic proclivities a clear and present danger to Canadian democracy: Diane Francis](
> Be warned. This is what autocrats and oligarchies do. They capture the state, then distribute its funds to advance their own interests
## [Vaccine won't end COVID-19, so people must to learn to live with virus, warns WHO: Reuters](
> WHO Europe’s regional director Hans Kluge on Thursday urged people to prepare to live with the COVID-19 virus, and not rely on a vaccine to bring an end to the pandemic.

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