More Than Half Of Small Businesses Don'T Feel Supported By Their Government And Banks - [2021-09-27 Dhtp9O]

## 'Frosty' economic times with China likely to continue despite release of two Michaels: Bianca Bharti
[China’s newfound willingness to throw its weight around is alarming, experts say, and reinforces the need for Canada to pursue a revamped Asian economic strategy](
## More than half of small businesses don't feel supported by their government and banks: Stephanie Hughes
[Small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to take on a crushing amount of debt to stay afloat during the pandemic](
## Opinion: The real losers in Canada’s election: balance sheet, health care, federalism: Special to Financial Post
[Contrary to the campaign rhetoric, money is not the problem in Canada’s health-care system. Rather it’s how we’ve structured it](
## Countering China: Canada’s tricky path ahead: Larysa Harapyn
[Watch: Mark Warner on Canada-China-U.S. relations going forward](
## Diane Francis: Trudeau has neglected defence — and our enemies will take advantage: Diane Francis
[Ottawa’s failure to meet international obligations, support armed forces and secure our sovereignty has been flagged by world leaders](
## Postmortem: Voters reject the laissez-faire approach to child care: Kevin Carmichael
[Four charts that reveal much about the Canadian economy](
## Next cabinet needs to get serious about food, agriculture leaders say: Jake Edmiston
[Ottawa should be treating food system as a top priority amid climate change](
## Navdeep Bains joins CIBC's global investment team: Paypal This
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce hired Navdeep Bains, formerly Canada's industry minister, as a vice chair for global investment banking](
## Google, in fight against record EU fine, slams regulators for ignoring Apple - Financial Post: Reuters
  1. Google, in fight against record EU fine, slams regulators for ignoring Apple Financial Post
  2. Hey Google, get ready for a Material You refresh for Assistant Android Police
  3. Google Slams Antitrust Regulators for Ignoring Apple After …](
    ## 'Something's got to give': Restaurants slash hours, trim menus as unprecedented worker shortage cuts deep: Jake Edmiston
    [There couldn't be a worse time to be short on staff as restaurants struggle to make up pandemic losses](
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