Microsoft And Google Openly Feuding Amid Scrutiny From Lawmakers, Regulators - Financial Post

## [Competition Bureau backs review of antitrust laws amid scrutiny of grocers: Financial Post Staff](
> Canada’s top competition watchdog threw its support behind a campaign to revisit competition law amid growing concern around the power that a small group of grocers wield over the vast majority of this country’s food sales. Legislators have been s…
## [Microsoft and Google openly feuding amid scrutiny from lawmakers, regulators - Financial Post: Reuters](
  1. Microsoft and Google openly feuding amid scrutiny from lawmakers, regulators  Financial Post
  2. Google slams Microsoft for trying ‘to break the way the open web works’  The Verge
  3. Microsoft and Google spar ahead of antitrust hearing on…
    ## [This Ontario couple with nearly $3 million in net worth will see their income rise in retirement: Andrew Allentuck](
    > In Ontario, a civic development consultant we’ll call Harry, 62, has filled his life with good deeds, spending much time on folks who are disadvantaged. His work provides a salary of $6,500 monthly after tax. Four rentals add $3,500 after tax, pushing total m…
    ## [Getting CRA to allow disability tax credit can be an ordeal parents must fight in court: Jamie Golombek](
    > For people living with disabilities, the most valuable tax credit for them or their supporting family member is the disability tax credit (DTC). For 2021, it can be worth between $1,609 (Quebec) and $2,793 (Alberta) of combined federal and provincial tax savi…
    ## [Diane Francis: It's time to drop the Queen as Canada's head of state: Diane Francis](
    > The Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah finally convinced me the British monarch should not be Canada’s head of state
    ## [Three words that can help investors take advantage of stock market mayhem: Tom Bradley](
    > The stock market is getting wilder by the day. This week it was flipping back and forth between the “opening up” and “lockdown” stocks. Technology was getting crushed one minute and soaring the next. Meanwhile, boring stuff like revenues, profits and balance …
    ## ['The bill for spills': U.S. lawmakers propose tax on oilsands that could cost Canadian oil producers US$665M over ten years: Geoffrey Morgan](
    > CALGARY – A bill that would impose an additional tax on Canadian oilsands crude could emerge as a new flashpoint between Canada and the United States. On Mar. 8, Earl Blumenauer, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives from Oregon, and…
    ## [Bank of Canada sees possible 'positive' spending surprise, but ongoing need for stimulus: Geoff Zochodne](
    > The Bank of Canada sees the potential for a pleasant surprise from savings-fuelled household spending, but also that monetary stimulus will continue to be required for some time as the economy gradually recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and is reshaped some…
    ## [A three-week-old NFT just sold for $69 million - Financial Post: Bloomberg News](
    1. A three-week-old NFT just sold for $69 million  Financial Post
    2. Still haven't learned what NFTs are? Well, this one just sold for $69M
    3. Beeple's $69 Million NFT Sale Is a Good Time to Rethink Some Things  Gizmodo
    4. Ar…
      ## [TFSA or RRSP?: Where to park your pandemic savings: Larysa Harapyn](
      > Personal finance educator Kelly Keehn speaks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the differences between TFSA’s and RRSP’s, and where Canadians should park their pandemic savings.

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