Michael Burry Of ‘The Big Short’ Slams Coronavirus Lockdowns In Tweetstorm

Postmedia receives temporary waiver of payments tied to first-lien debt: Financial Post Staff

'We intend to continue to take necessary steps to successfully manage our business in this unprecedented environment,' CEO Andrew MacLeod said in a statement

Portfolio managers see light at end of coronavirus tunnel, but markets remain volatile: Victor Ferreira

Dow, TSX strive to loosen shackles of fear but get pulled back

Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ slams coronavirus lockdowns in tweetstorm: Bloomberg News

Burry says lockdowns intended to contain the pandemic are worse than the disease itself

Hardship due to COVID-19 may be cause to have spousal support payments reduced: Special to Financial Post

Adam N. Black: Support payors ought to take steps to mitigate loss of income by seeking alternate employment and taking advantage of benefits available

When greed and fear collide: Wall Street is already calling traders back to the office: Bloomberg News

A number of traders and bankers who set up at home say they are being urged to return to offices, some of which recently saw infections

David Rosenberg: ‘I’m less bearish, but far from bullish’ as markets head into a new chapter of this crisis: David Rosenberg

'We have reached a point where the fear of economic disaster is starting to outweigh the fear of death by the coronavirus'

Scotiabank CEO says coronavirus pandemic will permanently change the way people live and work: Geoff Zochodne

Brian Porter said despite the strains currently being put on the banking system, it would endure the crisis — and so would Scotiabank

‘The opposite of everything that was working’: Start scouring for untouched and unloved stocks: Larysa Harapyn

Jeff Weniger of Wisdomtree Asset Management says the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic may last for a generation

‘All hands on deck’: Grocery store executives get a taste of the hard life on coronavirus front lines: Jake Edmiston

Grocery chains are redeploying hundreds of corporate-office volunteers to pitch in, despite the increased risks of getting the virus and being hassled by customers

How is Canada’s $1.5 trillion shadow banking market weathering the coronavirus crisis? Nobody really knows: Martin Pelletier

Martin Pelletier: Unlike the United States Canada has heard little about what’s happening in private debt markets

Judge bars Ontario father from matrimonial home for failing to take COVID-19 risk seriously: Special to Financial Post

Normally practising a 'nesting' arrangement with ailing ex-wife, failure to be candid on health practices gets dad temporarily ousted

World stocks rise for second day on signs of progress against the coronavirus: Reuters

'A day does not a trend make, a week does not a trend make... but we think the market is bottoming out'

Three competitive advantages of learning a new language (and how to quickly learn): Postmedia Network

Learning a new language comes with a number of benefits you may not have considered.


Boeing plans to retest Starliner flight after botched mission - Financial Post:

Boeing plans to retest Starliner flight after botched mission Financial Post After troubled first flight, Boeing will refly Starliner without crew Ars Technica Boeing will launch a 2nd uncrewed test flight of its Starliner spacecraft for NASA Space.com After …


Trump's Covid-19 Export Ban Prompts Backlash Around the World - Financial Post:

(Bloomberg) — A move by President Donald Trump to restrict exports of masks and other protective equipment needed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic is drawing a backlash from around the world ev…

Why Canada’s big banks defend dividends in coronavirus market rout — and at all other times: Victor Ferreira

Retail investors confident they'll get their returns despite economic trauma, as they have since 1940

How to get the Canada Emergency Response Benefit — $2,000 every four weeks for up to 16 weeks: Vanmala Subramaniam

The basics: you have to reside in Canada, have a Social Insurance Number, be at least 15 years of age and have earned at least $5,000 over the past 12 months

Interac sees digital and contactless payment rush as consumers hunker down during coronavirus pandemic: Geoff Zochodne

There were 51.9 million e-transfers sent through Interac in March, the first time the 50-million mark has been crossed in a month

How to get your tax refund as quickly as possible amid the COVID-19 crisis: Jamie Golombek

Jamie Golombek: CRA continues to process returns and encourages Canadians to file electronically — here's what you need to know

Saudi Arabia has bought 8% stake in world’s biggest cruise operator Carnival for bargain basement price: Bloomberg News

Stock down 81% this year

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