Magnet Forensics Shares Jump Nearly 35 Per Cent In Tsx Debut - [2021-04-28 Judugi]

Magnet Forensics shares jump nearly 35 per cent in TSX debut: Avery Mullen

Shares of Waterloo cybersecurity startup Magnet Forensics Inc. rose by nearly 35 per cent in their first day of trading Wednesday to close at $22.90, buoyed by investor demand that had already led the company to expand its IPO. Magnet, helmed by B…

'Reasonable and sustainable': Chrystia Freeland says spending won't dent Canada's brand: Bloomberg News

'Reasonable and sustainable': Chrystia Freeland says spending won't dent Canada's

Matthew Lau: More equal? Or equally poor?: Matthew Lau

The Liberals' equality plan as laid out in the federal budget is certain to increase misery by making society poorer

Chrystia Freeland calls Biden's global tax plan a ‘breakthrough moment': Financial Times

Chrystia Freeland calls Biden's global tax plan a ‘breakthrough moment'

Patricia Adams: China's energy actions speak louder than its climate pledges: Special to Financial Post

China is hell-bent on increasing CO2 emissions to meet its often-stated strategic objective of world domination

Terence Corcoran: Steven Guilbeault’s platform should be taken down: Steven Guilbeault

Guilbeault campaigning to bring internet under greater government control and is lead minister on government’s plan to extort cash out of Big Tech

Posthaste: Ontarians are getting poorer than their American neighbours — and the gap is getting worse: Pamela Heaven

Posthaste: Ontarians are getting poorer than their American neighbours — and the gap is getting

Ross McKitrick: The Conservatives' climate overreach: Special to Financial Post

A legitimate policy goal, such as reducing a particular type of air emission, is not a licence to regulate and control every activity in society that, however…

When oil prices plunged below zero, these CEOs bought up stocks in their own companies: Geoffrey Morgan

CALGARY – As investors search for the “Holy Grail” of management teams buying their own stock by the barrel, many have questions for oil chief executives that didn’t go on a buying spree when crude prices crashed in 2020. Last year, stock valuatio…

How 'urban mining could' someday replace pulling minerals from the ground — podcast: Gabriel Friedman

There’s a race going on right now to remake the North American recycling landscape. This week Down to Business features Ajay Kochar, chief executive and co-founder of Mississauga-based Li-Cycle Corp, a lithium-ion battery recycling business that p…

U.S. capital gains tax hike could deal blow to Canadian startup funding: Stefanie Marotta

U.S. President Joe Biden’s potential capital gains tax hike could deal a blow to entrepreneurs in Canada if it dissuades American investors from taking risks on startups north of the border. If presented as expected, the plan could nearly double t…

Court upholds Alberta's right to turn off the oil taps to other provinces: The Canadian Press

Case dates back to clash between Alberta and B.C. over construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline

Richard C. Owens: Subsidizing innovation doesn't work: Special to Financial Post

Hoping to successfully subsidize innovation is like spending one’s savings on lottery tickets: a lazy waste of opportunity

Legal software provider Clio reaches unicorn status with $110-million funding round: Stefanie Marotta

Vancouver-based legal software company Clio has become Canada’s latest tech “unicorn” after raising US$110 million in financing it hopes to use to launch an acquisition strategy and boost hiring. The deal gives Themis Solutions Inc. — which operat…

How to close the gaps in financing women-led businesses: Report: Bianca Bharti

Women in entrepreneurship, as they scale up, face numerous barriers in the business world, which stem from unconscious bias and a lack of industry diversity initiatives that result in barriers to economic growth overall. It’s a tale that stretches…

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