'Let'S Build Another 15 Shopifys': New Head Of Leading Incubator Says Moment Is Ripe For Canadian Tech - [2021-04-05 60Zf6D]

## 'Let's build another 15 Shopifys': New head of leading incubator says moment is ripe for Canadian tech: Bianca Bharti
[Canada needs to foster companies that can compete on a global scale if it wants to build a sustainable technology ecosystem, according to the incoming chief executive of one of the country’s top tech incubators. Chris Albinson, a Canadian venture …](https://financialpost.com/technology/lets-build-another-15-shopifys-new-head-of-a-top-incubator-says-moment-is-ripe-for-canadian-tech)
## Archegos collapse caught sophisticated bankers off guard, but there are lessons for ordinary investors, too: Martin Pelletier
[Last week’s news of the collapse of Archegos Capital Management sure brought back memories of the 2008 financial crisis. Suddenly we were back to talk of margin calls, complex over-the-counter derivatives and opaque corporate structures designed to prevent tr…](https://financialpost.com/investing/archegos-collapse-caught-sophisticated-bankers-off-guard-but-there-are-lessons-for-ordinary-investors-too)
## Calgary's Nauticol on track to becoming first to produce net-zero methanol: Geoffrey Morgan
[CALGARY — When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, methanol plant proponent Nauticol Energy went back to the drawing board to redesign its $2-billion petrochemical project in northwestern Alberta, to align itself to the province’s new focus on reducing its carbon inte…](https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/oil-gas/calgarys-nauticol-on-track-to-becoming-first-producer-to-achieve-net-zero-methanol)
## Diane Francis: Canada is ignoring the science on second doses: Diane Francis
[World Health Organization weighs in on the dosage delay strategy by Britain and Canada](https://financialpost.com/diane-francis/diane-francis-canada-is-ignoring-the-science-on-second-doses)
## Janet Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax to end '30-year race to the bottom': Reuters
[Janet Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax to end '30-year race to the bottom'financialpost.com](https://financialpost.com/news/economy/u-s-treasurys-yellen-calls-for-global-minimum-corporate-tax)
## Why a capital gains tax on principal home sales could do more harm than good: Special to Financial Post
[Rapidly escalating housing prices, mostly in southern Ontario, have led to calls to reconsider the exemption of the capital gains tax (CGT) on the proceeds from principal residence sales in the belief that it will slow or even reverse the current trend. …](https://financialpost.com/real-estate/why-a-capital-gains-tax-on-principal-home-sales-could-do-more-harm-than-good)
## HyperX Adds Blue Mechanical Switches to Alloy Origins Core Gaming Keyboard Lineup - Financial Post: Business Wire
  1. HyperX Adds Blue Mechanical Switches to Alloy Origins Core Gaming Keyboard Lineup Financial Post
  2. HyperX Alloy Origins Core TKL gaming keyboard is ready to make some noise CNET
  3. View Full coverage on Google News
## Air Canada cancels takeover of Transat after Europe balks at the deal: Air Canada
[Air Canada cancels takeover of Transat after Europe balks at the dealfinancialpost.com](https://financialpost.com/transportation/airlines/air-canada-and-transat-terminate-planned-deal-after-eu-advises-against-it)
## COVID-19 crunched this family's finances, but solid savings and a pension will see them through: Andrew Allentuck
[A couple we’ll call Adele, 57, and Chris, 63, live in Ontario with their two children, ages 19 and 22, both of whom are pursuing post-secondary degrees. The family is dealing with the financial fallout from COVID-19. Chris was forced t…](https://financialpost.com/personal-finance/family-finance/covid-19-crunched-this-familys-finances-but-solid-savings-and-a-pension-will-see-them-through)
## Canopy Growth acquires popular cannabis brand Ace Valley: Financial Post Staff
[Emerging cannabis giant Canopy Growth Corp. said Thursday it has acquired Toronto-based consumer marijuana brand AV Cannabis Inc. (Ace Valley), in a bid to boost its brand offering. The company sells five of the 10 most popular cannabis products i…](https://financialpost.com/cannabis/canopy-growth-acquires-popular-cannabis-brand-ace-valley)
## Biden's proposed $2-trillion stimulus will spill over into Canada — but it could also hurt our competitiveness: Gabriel Friedman
[This week, U.S. President Joe Biden travelled to Pittsburgh, Penn., a rust belt steel town with an emerging tech sector, to unveil ‘The American Jobs Plan,’ which he characterized as the greatest opportunity to transform the economy in at least a generation. …](https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/bidens-proposed-2-trillion-stimulus-will-spill-over-into-canada-but-it-could-also-hurt-our-competitiveness)
## Opinion: In a democracy, the government shouldn't fund the media: Special to Financial Post
[Scrap this Ministry of Truth-type $600-million bailout and eliminate any perception of a conflict of interest in our media’s reporting of the government](https://financialpost.com/opinion/opinion-in-a-democracy-the-government-shouldnt-fund-the-media)
## Five business lessons for MBA students from a long-time investment professional: Peter Hodson
[This week, I was a guest presenter for an MBA Entrepreneur Class at York University. When originally asked to present, I really didn’t know why. After all, I am just a stock guy. But then I realized that, from a corporate perspective at least, I have been thr…](https://financialpost.com/investing/investing-pro/five-business-lessons-for-mba-students-from-a-long-time-investment-professional)
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