How People Are Saving On Their Subscriptions With A Vpn

## [Esri and IDB Offer Solution to Combat COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean - Financial Post: ](
> Advanced Geospatial Technology Will Be Provided during PandemicREDLANDS, Calif. — Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, today announced that it has partnered with the Inter-Americ…
## [How people are saving on their subscriptions with a VPN: Postmedia](
> Every penny counts during this economic downturn, which has some people finding creative ways to save money, like using a VPN to save on subscription costs.
## [What Canada’s big pension plans were buying and selling in the first quarter of the COVID-19 market: Victor Ferreira](
> Major funds took different strategies to navigating rocky first quarter
## [Dow shoots up more than 700 points on potential vaccine, reopening optimism: Bloomberg News](
> 'It just shows that sentiment can change so quickly in times like these'
## [U.S.-China Fight Over Chip Kingpin Rattles Global Tech Industry - Financial Post: ](
> (Bloomberg) — Since its founding more than three decades ago, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has built its business by working behind the scenes to make customers like Apple Inc. and …
## [Apple To Reopen 25 U.S. Stores, 12 in Canada This Week - ](
  1. Apple To Reopen 25 U.S. Stores, 12 in Canada This Week
  2. Apple Reopening 25 US Stores and 12 in Canada This Week  MacRumors
  3. Apple to Reopen 12 Stores in Canada This Week; Face Masks Mandatory [u]  iPhone in Canada
  4. <…
    ## [Struggling to find work in the current job market? FlexJobs can help: Postmedia](
    > At FlexJobs, professionals vet each job for you to make sure it's a quality opportunity.
    ## [Drastic Makeover Looms for World's Most Followed Stock Index...: ](
    > Drastic Makeover Looms for World's Most Followed Stock Index... (First column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:FED: Financial system 'under severe strain'... Significant hit to asset prices if pandemic grows...
    ## [If the COVID-19 crisis really is unprecedented, using the old debt playbook isn’t good enough: Kevin Carmichael](
    > Kevin Carmichael: Given the debt Ottawa is piling up to save the economy, it’s the wrong time to get hung up on taboos about public ownership of private companies
    ## ['Everything's on the table': How COVID-19 could change Canada's meat processing industry - Financial Post: ](
    1. 'Everything's on the table': How COVID-19 could change Canada's meat processing industry  Financial Post
    2. Why some think Canada's beef business needs more smaller players
    3. Fears of meat shortages send local customers to suppl…
      ## [Seven reasons you should learn the foundations of investing this weekend: Postmedia](
      > Historically, stocks are a good investment. Investing today gives your money the opportunity to benefit from time.
      ## [Google likely to face antitrust lawsuits by U.S. Justice Department and state attorneys general: WSJ report: Reuters](
      > Google - along with Facebook, and Apple - face allegations that the tech behemoths use their clout to unfairly defend their market share
      ## [U.S. funds rush to tech companies and battered energy stocks in Q1 - Financial Post: ](
      > BOSTON/NEW YORK — Prominent U.S. fund managers piled into big-name technology stocks and bottom-fished in the beaten-down energy sector as markets reeled from the coronavirus-fueled selloff i…
      ## [Annuities are a blessing and a curse for couple whose income has dried up during pandemic: Andrew Allentuck](
      > Out of work, couple in early 60s are having to run down savings built over decades of work
      ## [Facebook buys animated image library Giphy for $400 million: Bloomberg News](
      > Giphy will join the Instagram group within Facebook
      ## [Debt nation: Canada’s provinces are too big to fail — too small to survive COVID-19 on their own: Geoff Zochodne](
      > Heading into 1993, Saskatchewan was a leading candidate for a dubious honour: provincial bankruptcy. No province had defaulted on its debts since Alberta during the Great Depression, but Saskatchewan’s borrowing had soared throughout the 1980s and its credit …
      ## [Ottawa announces that wage subsidy will last three more months through summer: The Canadian Press](
      > The subsidy had been set to expire in the first week of June
      ## [Howard Levitt: My company’s closing the office on Fridays and forcing staff to take a vacation day. Is that legal?: Howard Levitt](
      > You do not have a right to pick what days are used or not used for your vacation
      ## [Five things investors can look for to find the next Shopify: Peter Hodson](
      > Peter Hodson: You only need a few big winners for investment success
      ## [COVID-19 savages U.S. retail sales, putting economy on track for worst contraction since Great Depression: Reuters](
      > 'All indications are the recovery is going to be slower and gradual, if we have one'
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