Here'S How To Claim Canada'S Bounty Of Boutique Tax Credits

## Why tinkering with the capital gains exemption is the nuclear option for housing market intervention: Geoff Zochodne
[Canada’s housing market has finally gotten so crazy that it is prompting talk about something almost sacred to homeowners: the tax-free profits they realize when they sell their main residence. To be clear: the federal government has not said it’s…](
## Facebook announces $8 million for news publishers ahead of expected grilling in Ottawa: Barbara Shecter
[Facebook Inc. pledged Friday to spend $8 million to support news publishing in Canada, just days before a senior executive is to appear in Ottawa to face questions from MPs on matters including compensation of traditional media companies for news displayed on…](
## As Canadian Pacific Railway bulks up, rival Canadian National takes a few attention-grabbing measures of its own: Kevin Carmichael
[Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd.’s plan to purchase Kansas City Southern will vie for business story of the year, but its long-time rival, Canadian National Railway Co., also has been doing some things that could help it down the road. The former Cro…](
## B.C. couple has done everything right financially, but these tweaks will make retirement even more comfortable: Andrew Allentuck
[A B.C. couple we’ll call Helen, 46, and Sam, 58, have a daughter Kim, 11. They have take-home income of $12,800 per month from their jobs, his in high tech, hers in a non-profit community service organization. Both arrived in Canada at age 29 (but…](
## Brian Belski: Expect the TSX, S&P 500 to hit new highs this year: Larysa Harapyn
[Brian Belski, Chief Investment Strategist at BMO Capital Markets, talks to the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn in the video below about his predictions for the TSX and S&P 500 and why Big Tech is still the place to be.

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