Faire Valuation Grows To $12.4 Billion With $400 Million Series G Funding Round Co-Led By Durable Capital Partners Lp - Financial Post - [2021-11-17 Tmmcs0]

## Matthew Lau: Accountants: Forget green, stick to the red and the black: Cpa Canada
[The world does not need salvation of the kind Mark Carney would impose and that CPA Canada is now promoting](https://financialpost.com/opinion/matthew-lau-accountants-forget-green-stick-to-the-red-and-the-black)
## Canada's inflation rate soars to almost 20-year high: Kevin Carmichael
[Kevin Carmichael: Bank of Canada's big worry is stopping inflation from becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy](https://financialpost.com/news/economy/canadas-annual-inflation-rate-hits-4-7-in-oct-highest-since-feb-2003)
## Flooding cuts off Port of Vancouver traffic in latest supply chain hit: Bloomberg News
[Flooding has halted rail services to and from the Port of Vancouver and also shut all main routes by road](https://financialpost.com/news/economy/pacific-storm-adds-supply-chain-woes-idling-some-canada-freight)
## Posthaste: Why Canada's surprise housing heat wave might just be a market head fake - Financial Post: Pamela Heaven
  1. Posthaste: Why Canada's surprise housing heat wave might just be a market head fake Financial Post
  2. Canadian New Housing Starts Are Now Crashing As Inflation Forces Builders To Pause Better Dwelling
  3. Canadian home price growth paus…](https://financialpost.com/executive/executive-summary/posthaste-why-canadas-surprise-housing-heat-wave-might-just-be-a-market-head-fake)
    ## Joe Natale out as Rogers CEO, to be replaced by former CFO Staffieri: Sources: Barbara Shecter
    [Edward Rogers, whose family controls Rogers Communications, tried to get Natale to leave in September and had a plan to replace him with Tony Staffieri](https://financialpost.com/telecom/joe-natale-out-as-rogers-ceo-to-be-replaced-by-former-cfo-staffieri-sources)
    ## Enbridge shuts down Westcoast gas pipeline amid B.C. flooding: Geoffrey Morgan
    [Multiple pipelines delivering oil and gas to City of Vancouver have been knocked out](https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/oil-gas/enbridge-shuts-down-westcoast-gas-pipeline-amid-b-c-flooding)
    ## Inflation could get hotter if Liberals boost spending: Scotiabank: Bloomberg News
    [Justin Trudeau's government is at risk of adding to Canada's inflation problem if it unveils more big-ticket spending measures this fall](https://financialpost.com/news/economy/trudeau-risks-stoking-inflation-with-stimulus-plans)
    ## Jonathan Wilkinson says natural resources must evolve to include renewables, biofuels: The Canadian Press
    [Wilkinson said he still sees a role in Canada for some fossil fuels as long as they are not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions](https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/renewables/jonathan-wilkinson-says-natural-resources-must-evolve-to-include-renewables-biofuels)
    ## Opinion: Quebec becomes a BOGA(man): Special to Financial Post
    [Apparently, it is perfectly acceptable to claim you are going all-out to push the 'renewable energy' button while you import oil to refine it](https://financialpost.com/opinion/opinion-quebec-becomes-a-bogaman)
    ## Posthaste: Canada is now one of the world's most popular hunting grounds for hackers: Yadullah Hussain
    [Posthaste: Canada is now one of the world's most popular hunting grounds for hackersfinancialpost.com](https://financialpost.com/executive/posthaste-canada-is-now-one-of-the-worlds-most-popular-hunting-grounds-for-hackers)
    ## Stephen Harper, Carl Icahn protege teaming up to launch activist fund: Paypal This
    [Vision One plans to bet on undervalued mid-sized public companies and to try to create value through governance improvements, other changes](https://financialpost.com/fp-finance/icahn-protege-former-canada-pm-harper-to-launch-activist-fund)
    ## Joe Oliver: How much green pain will Canadians tolerate?: Special to Financial Post
    [Canada can indulge in costly virtue-signalling and moral gestures — up to a point. But it cannot afford to live beyond its means indefinitely](https://financialpost.com/opinion/how-much-green-pain-will-canadians-tolerate)
    ## Faire Valuation Grows to $12.4 Billion With $400 Million Series G Funding Round Co-Led by Durable Capital Partners LP - Financial Post: Business Wire
    [Annual GMV for the global wholesale marketplace exceeds $1 billion as it takes off internationally, connecting nearly 350,000 retail entrepreneurs around the…](https://financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/faire-valuation-grows-to-12-4-billion-with-400-million-series-g-funding-round-co-led-by-durable-capital-partners-lp)
    ## Jason Kenney warns Ottawa it must consult with provinces on emissions cap: The Canadian Press
    [The cap had been promised in the Liberals' recent election platform, with plans to force emissions down until they hit net zero in 2050](https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/oil-gas/jason-kenney-warns-ottawa-it-must-consult-with-provinces-on-emissions-cap)
    ## BNP exploring $15 billion Bank of the West sale, sources say — and Canadian banks could be among suitors: Paypal This
    [BNP exploring $15 billion Bank of the West sale, sources say — and Canadian banks could be among suitorsfinancialpost.com](https://financialpost.com/fp-finance/banking/bnp-hires-advisers-to-explore-15-bln-bank-of-the-west-sale-sources-3)
    ## Unvaccinated federal employees not granted exemptions to be put on unpaid leave today: The Canadian Press
    [Could potentially leave more than 1,000 workers without pay and unable to access employment insurance benefits](https://financialpost.com/fp-work/unvaccinated-federal-employees-not-granted-exemptions-to-be-put-on-unpaid-leave-today)
    ## Housing market heats back up with biggest jump in sales since pandemic boom started - Financial Post: Bloomberg News
    1. Housing market heats back up with biggest jump in sales since pandemic boom started Financial Post
    2. This is the busiest year ever for the housing market, with prices up 18% CBC.ca
    3. Canadian home sales hit annual record after 10 mon…](https://financialpost.com/real-estate/canada-housing-market-heats-back-up)
      ## Tim Hortons parent to buy Firehouse Subs for $1 billion: Reuters
      [Restaurant Brands International Inc is adding Firehouse Subs to its roster of outlets including Tim Hortons, Burger King and Popeyes](https://financialpost.com/news/retail-marketing/burger-king-parent-to-buy-firehouse-subs-for-1-billion-2)
      ## Shell ditches the Dutch — Netherlands 'unpleasantly surprised' - Financial Post: Reuters
      1. Shell ditches the Dutch — Netherlands 'unpleasantly surprised' Financial Post
      2. Shell wants to move headquarters amid cleaner energy shift CP24 Toronto's Breaking News
      3. Shell ditches 'Dutch' from name and makes Britain its HQ BNN …](https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/oil-gas/shell-ditches-the-dutch-moves-to-london-in-share-structure-overhaul-2)
        ## The pandemic wedding boom is in full bloom, but for many young couples the financial picture has never been cloudier: Special to Financial Post
        [Talking about their sex lives often easier for couples than talking about finances](https://financialpost.com/personal-finance/family-finance/the-pandemic-wedding-boom-is-in-full-bloom-but-for-many-young-couples-the-financial-picture-has-never-been-cloudier)
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