Eu Considers New Proposal On Fishing Rights From Uk - Bloomberg News - Financial Post

## [Why BoC's Tiff Macklem keeps a picture of G7 leaders at the height of the 2008 crisis: Kevin Carmichael](
> Tiff Macklem, who took over as Bank of Canada governor in the first week of June, still hasn’t fully decorated his office. The camera on Macklem’s computer caught a bit of his wooden desk during our interview on Dec. 16, but the walls behind him w…
## [Apple aiming to build self-driving car by 2024, eyes 'next level' battery technology: sources - Financial Post: Reuters](
  1. Apple aiming to build self-driving car by 2024, eyes 'next level' battery technology: sources  Financial Post
  2. Apple's Electric Car, Project Titan, Rumoured to Release Late 2021  iPhone in Canada
  3. Exclusive: Apple targets car product…
    ## [Three investing themes for 2021 to restore balance after a tumultuous year: Martin Pelletier](
    > The past year has taught us the power of transformation through suffering, as pandemic lockdowns have forced many of us to reassess our priorities and really think about what we want in a post-COVID world. Some themes are already starting to emerg…
    ## [The investing year in rhyme: Interest rates remained low/ With recovery chatter/ The markets kept rising/ Searching for records to shatter: Special to Financial Post](
    > Each year, the folks at Mawer Investment Management Ltd. offer their year-end perspective in the form of a poem to Financial Post readers. This year must have been particularly difficult given that it conformed to no rhyme — or reason. But the Mawer team did …
    ## [How kitchen fatigue and restaurant closures seeded the pandemic meal kit craze: Joe O'Connor](
    > Jonathan Ferrari was seven years old when he decided he wanted a tractor. Not a toy tractor, mind you, but a real tractor, like the big John Deere rigs he would see when his parents took him to country fairs outside Montreal. To buy this tractor a…
    ## [David Rosenberg: Why 2021 could see new risks for markets: Larysa Harapyn](
    > David Rosenberg, chief economist at Rosenberg Research, speaks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about lessons learned from 2020, and what to look out for in the year ahead.

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