Decline In Deodorant, Razor Sales Shows Lockdown Is Lowering People’S Grooming Standards

## [‘We’re very cautious not to screw it up’: All eyes on Saskatchewan as businesses get OK to re-open: Geoffrey Morgan](
> 'Opening up a restaurant if nobody is showing up is pointless': economist
## [Facebook gets rid of 'pseudoscience' ad-targeting category - Financial Post: ](
  1. Facebook gets rid of 'pseudoscience' ad-targeting category  Financial Post
  2. Facebook just killed its ‘pseudoscience’ category for ad targeting  The Verge
  3. Facebook quietly stops letting advertisers target PSEUDOSCIENCE fans after yea…
    ## [Howard Levitt: Can employees refuse to return to work now they’re earning more on CERB?: Howard Levitt](
    > Some workers taking advantage of CERB and employers unwittingly enabling them; plus, a primer to explain the legal predicament employees face with temp layoffs
    ## [Decline in deodorant, razor sales shows lockdown is lowering people’s grooming standards: Financial Times](
    > The coronavirus pandemic is starting to lay waste to basic personal hygiene
    ## [Bezos, Musk among billionaires gaining net worth in pandemic -report: Reuters](
    > 10% wealth surge comes as 26 million Americans file for unemployment
    ## [Canada’s AAA credit rating on the line as oil crash slams debt-loaded provinces: Bloomberg News](
    > Provinces are likely to need more assistance from the federal government — which could trigger a downgrade
    ## [Why Canada’s big banks can’t afford to screw up their response to the coronavirus crisis: Geoff Zochodne](
    > Political spotlight on the Big Six creates fertile environment for populist backlash — something the banks have spent decades avoiding
    ## [Malls Reopen as Quarantine Rules Ease in Some Brazil States - Financial Post: ](
    > (Bloomberg) — Shoppings malls have started to resume activities as some states and cities in Brazil relaxe quarantine rules. About 40 of more than 570 commercial centers are already back at w…
    ## [Shockproofing Canada: Here’s what it will take to reopen the economy: Naomi Powell](
    > 'Long fight' ahead with country needing massive increase in testing and significant overhaul in how infectious disease data is collected and shared
    ## [Apple aims to sell Macs with its own chips starting in 2021: Bloomberg News](
    > The initiative to develop multiple chips, codenamed Kalamata, suggests the company will transition more of its Mac lineup away from current supplier Intel
    ## [‘Sacrosanct’ dividends on the chopping block as analysts look past oil companies’ Q1 earnings: Gabriel Friedman](
    > With expected output reductions of 10 per cent to 35 per cent in coming months, many companies will have to bolster cash holdings
    ## [Seven growing side-hustles you can start from home: Postmedia Network](
    > What are the top side-hustles you can launch in 2020? How can you start training for them without leaving home?
    ## [How you can learn a new language to expand your business opportunities now: Leigh Taveroff](
    > Typical bucket lists include such standard items as ziplining, swimming with dolphins, visiting the Galapagos Island and learning a new language. For Canadians temporarily sequestered under COVID-19 quarantine, learning a new language will have to do for now.…
    ## [Warren Buffett’s ‘Fortress’ is breached by coronavirus-related shutdowns: Bloomberg News](
    > ‘We've got a few businesses, small ones, we won't reopen when this is over’ — Charlie Munger
    ## [March was the worst month in Canadian mutual fund industry’s history with $14.1B in redemptions: Victor Ferreira](
    > 'Things were about as ugly as they could possibly be'
    ## [Tens of thousands of Canadian businesses expected to close permanently despite government help: Bloomberg News](
    > CFIB says government took too long to roll out emergency support programs and as a result, many companies won't survive
    ## [Argentina says will not make interest payment of around $500 mln on three bonds- statement - Financial Post: ](
    > BUENOS AIRES — Argentina says it will not make an interest payment of around $500 million on three foreign-law bonds due on April 22, and that it plans to make use of a 30-day grace period, t…
    ## [Tetra Tech Awarded $90 Million U.S. Air Force Environmental Services Contract - Financial Post: ](
    > PASADENA, Calif. — Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEK) announced today that the U.S. Air Force has awarded the Company a $90 million, multiple-award contract to provide comprehensive environmenta…
    ## [Could we end up talking ourselves into another depression?: Kevin Carmichael](
    > Kevin Carmichael: The stories we tell ourselves now could determine the speed at which economic activity returns to pre-crisis levels
    ## [How to manage your investments during a pandemic or any market downturn: Special to Financial Post](
    > Leslie Cliff: Fear is the enemy; be self-aware enough to realize that you make terrible investing decisions when you are afraid of the market
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