Can I Be Laid Off During The Coronavirus Crisis?

Insurers cutting auto premiums amid pandemic as less driving leads to fewer claims: Barbara Shecter

Insurance Bureau estimates cost could hit $600 million, but observers see little impact on companies' bottom lines

As oilpatch loses $8 billion, energy projects seen gaining mainstream support amid rising jobless claims: Geoffrey Morgan

The coming recession from the coronavirus will force a reckoning and encourage a new approach, leading to more support for well-paying projects

Millennials are getting crushed by back-to-back economic crises: Bloomberg News

Economic downturns are inevitable, but they're not usually so severe. And once-in-a-generation recessions don't tend to occur just a decade apart

Can I be laid off during the coronavirus crisis?: Howard Levitt

Howard Levitt: Employees who are laid off are entitled to full wrongful dismissal damages

Federal Reserve went into crisis-fighting mode with ‘forceful’ policy response, minutes show: Bloomberg News

At the unscheduled meeting, officials announced they would cut their benchmark interest rate to nearly zero and relaunch massive bond-buying programs

Howard Levitt: Why social distancing should be mandated by law in the workplace — not just in parks: Howard Levitt

If workers believe their health or safety is at risk, they have the right to refuse unsafe work

Trudeau promises ‘relaxed’ rules for wage subsidy, more support for student jobs: The Canadian Press

Companies can qualify by showing a 15-per-cent decline in March, and can compare their revenues to previous months rather than the previous year

RBC CEO says ‘national priority’ must be keeping companies solvent and people employed: Geoff Zochodne

Dave McKay also said global trade and travel are unlikely to immediately return to the pre-crisis status quo

Maple Leaf suspends operations at Brampton poultry plant after three workers contract coronavirus: The Canadian Press

The company says it’s deep cleaning the plant as it completes an investigation into the cases

Suncor’s debt spread triples amid Alberta’s calls for energy aid: Bloomberg News

Suncor on Tuesday sold $1.25 billion of notes maturing 2030, paying 420 basis points over similar Canada government securities

TD has moved 9,500 call centre agents home. After the pandemic ends, some may stay there: Bloomberg News

A possible permanent shift to remote work is another signal the pandemic may have long-term ramifications on everything from work to commercial real estate

Shockproofing Canada: Why we need a Strategic Petroleum Reserve of our own: Geoffrey Morgan

Emergency crude reserves would cushion consumers during supply shocks and bolster demand in times of crisis like the one we are in now

‘So easy I thought it was fake’: CRA’s CERB system gets stellar reviews in first days of operation: Vanmala Subramaniam

The integrity of the system that asks three simple questions will be dealt with when people file their tax returns next year

How Canada’s billions in coronavirus emergency spending could help you – podcast: Emily Jackson

Episode 49 in Down to Business podcast from the Financial Post

World stocks turn negative as coronavirus death toll mounts: Reuters

'After the market rallying, we are having some consolidation as we are in a bottoming process'

This add-on is perfect for work-from-home video meetings: Postmedia Network

Whether you're meeting, doing a virtual interview, or teaching something new, this add-on gives you greater ability to precisely communicate your ideas.

Liberals asked to help cover overruns on infrastructure projects delayed by COVID-19: The Canadian Press

Federal rules around the $186-billion infrastructure program don't permit provinces and cities to seek additional help from Ottawa if a project goes over budget for any reason

Postmedia receives temporary waiver of payments tied to first-lien debt: Financial Post Staff

'We intend to continue to take necessary steps to successfully manage our business in this unprecedented environment,' CEO Andrew MacLeod said in a statement

Portfolio managers see light at end of coronavirus tunnel, but markets remain volatile: Victor Ferreira

Dow, TSX strive to loosen shackles of fear but get pulled back

Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ slams coronavirus lockdowns in tweetstorm: Bloomberg News

Burry says lockdowns intended to contain the pandemic are worse than the disease itself

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