'A Great Visionary': Canadian Retail Magnate W. Galen Weston Dies At Age 80 - [2021-04-14 Eul39C]

## Businesses are sitting on record $130B in excess cash, but will they invest it coming out of the pandemic?: Bianca Bharti
[Canadian businesses are sitting on a record cash pile, but whether and how they spend it may determine the shape of the post-pandemic recovery, according to a recent report from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. In the report, CIBC deputy ch…](https://financialpost.com/news/economy/businesses-are-sitting-on-record-130b-in-excess-cash-but-will-they-invest-it-coming-out-of-the-pandemic)
## David Rosenberg: I haven't been this excited about going against the herd in years: David Rosenberg
[I was being interviewed on CNBC last week when I was told that my views were diametrically opposed to the consensus and how the markets are positioned. To which I exclaimed that it’s been many years since I was this excited about going against the herd. I had…](https://financialpost.com/investing/david-rosenberg-i-havent-been-this-excited-about-going-against-the-herd-in-years)
## Will Ottawa unveil new taxes in the budget next week?: Larysa Harapyn
[Dino Infanti Partner, National Leader, Enterprise Tax KPMG, talks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about whether Ottawa will unveil new taxes in the budget.

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