Ulog#10 A few shots from my grandma's garden

Good day guys!

How are you guys doing? I hope you're still sane from what's happening right now. Lately, it has been raining every afternoon. Thankfully whenever I get home the rain weakens and sometimes it just completely stops. I went around our house and my grandmas garden took photos using my phone.


According to my mom, the best time to take photos of flower is when they are wet she said that it brings out the beauty of the flower. I couldn't agree more after taking some shots


My grandma had this planted all over her garden. Whenever I look at this plant, I'm mesmerized by its color.


It's really amusing to look at the droplets of water hanging in a leaf or a flower. Like you're just waiting for it to drop.


This was part of the the yellow flower that I took, I'm really not sure what this is.


And the best part happened, it started to shine again. If you're wondering what's that Red ribbon hanging in the pole. This was initiated to show love and support for the doctors, nurses,and Front liners, in short the modern- day heroes. It must really be difficult to be exposed to someone who has been infected and that you have to tend to their needs and health while sacrificing their lives. I just hope and pray that we are going to have a cure soon so that we will be able to live our lives normally like before.


I was also able to take a photo of the red flower being illuminated by the sun. It brought out it's beauty even more.


Thanks for reading!
All photos used in this post were taken and are owned by me @wajishah

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