Astounding Pakistan- Last compilation of Pakistan Trip

I know I have written many travel posts, random posts, challenge posts about my Pakistan trip but today I am going to write the last post of my Pakistan trip. It is one of my memorable trips before coming here in Naran so far. So, in this post, I am going to write my entire travel experience and I hope you won't find it boring. Some pictures I have posted before in different posts but today this is my last compilation regarding my Pakistan trip.

If you google, you will find enormous pictures of Pakistan...


Throughback Pakistan 2020:
It was 2017, I was busy with my job and my Brother was busy with her academic life. 2 months before Ramadan suddenly my dad decided to take us for a nice trip. I guess he was in the mood for travel and told us wanna go to Northern Area of Pakistan? I was also very bored of my monotonous office work as well as my brother. I guess my dad noticed that and offered us for a change...

So, he made a 10 days plan and applied for our trip. Later we decided that we want to celebrate our Eid in Naran And Gilgit so the day before Eid, we took our fight. We booked tickets on Pakistan Airlines and our flight was from Islamabad to Gilgit, 3 hours flight.

Fairyy Meadows


The Killer mountain Nanga perbat..



We took 3 days package so our hotel, airport pickup all was pre-booked. After reaching to Skardu Airport Terminal, I was shocked. Not only it is full of modern facilities but also it is beautifully decorated.


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