TUESDAY || REVIEW || SOGHAT HUNZA || BY @wajihasheikh

Hello everyone. So today I am here to review about the best selling honey in town. I myself am using it for more then a year now.


Here i am attaching the Instagram page do check it out. My family loves it and we order it as soon as it ends. As you all know there are alot of benefits of honey.
you can use it for face, hair, even for weight loss.etc.


This was basically a small startup by my friend during covid days. He wanted to help a vendor with his work for which he started this. But I must say this the best honey i have had. Pure form the hunza. Prices are so reasonable and plus they have a variety of different honey. No artificial flavor added.



Also not only me but alot of people loved it and order on regular basis. Here are some reviews i have got to show you guys.


You must get your hands on this and at least try once. Hope you will love it. That's all for it. Take care.


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This is so unexpected. Thank you for your kind wordss

02.11.2021 17:18

Always welcome 😊

02.11.2021 17:51