Users are getting Downvote/Flag from @ocbd, @theycallmedan, @threespeak and many more because they received random vote from @smartsteem

First of all, I want to clear this is not a post to target @ocbd, @theycallmedan, @threespeak, I,m making this post only for the reason that I want to tell them that you are downvoting the wrong users, and I hope they will try to fix this issue, I love the way they are working for this platform and they are helping this platform to grow. They are giving random votes to the new users who deserve the upvote. This is not a post to start a downvoting war or something like that. This post is for raising the issue of downvoting to the user who don,t deserve downvotes.


Recently I made a post, NewSteem HF21/HF22: A new era of steem begins, Time to support Steemit.  

and I received the downvotes from @ocbd, @theycallmedan, @threespeak and many more because I received got a random vote from @smartsteem. Now the problem is smartsteem is manually curating and they are upvoting the post who really deserve upvote. I don,t know they are also selling the vote or not but I know that they are manually curating. 

The downvote I received from these accounts, and  @ocbd leave a reply :

 Hello. Currently there are a lot of curation groups and whales curating amazing content, there's no need to buy votes. The downvote you received is to discourage the buying of votes from bidbots. We kindly invite you to join us on the #NewSteem attitude, where good content receives votes and the organic content get the most attention. Buying votes hurts you, other authors and the Steem Ecosystem in general, please don't do it. 

When I saw a ton of downvotes on my post-it was really disappointing for me, because I worked very hard to make this post and then what, I received downvote. Then I leave a reply 

 I did,t buy any upvote from anyone. In fact, I don,t like to buy votes. And you downvote me for what reason? I Discourage others not to buy upvotes or I bought vote from some bit bot. In this post, I discourage other steemien not to buy votes from bit bot . I don,t think so Discouraging others not to buy a vote is a good reason for you to downvote me.
If you are thinking I got bought a vote from smartsteem then, I want to clear you I did,t bought a vote they give me a random vote. kindly review your downvote. 

And I was very happy that ocbd not only removed their downvote but also upvoted my post and also the post of the other people they downvoted by mistake. This is the real way to go. One who realizes it,s mistake is not a sinner. 

 Seems like this downvote was an honest mistake after reviewing it. Sorry for the misunderstanding! 

 I did,t make this post because I received downvote but I made this post because, I afraid that these downvote don,t start a war here on this platform. The downvotes are the part of steemit community and they help us maintain the balance. Downvote is for spammers who are stealing the rewards by spamming and getting upvotes from bid bots. 

In Hf21/HF22 we got free downvotes, this is the best part of the hard fork but this can also cause a negative impact on the steemit society by miss-using downvotes. The provision of free downvote pools that do not reduce curation has caused many downvote players to continue trailing their target accounts. People are downvoting on purpose and some whales are downvoting good posts because they don,t like it. Downvotes are to reduce spam, not for personal reasons.

In fact, the purpose of a good downvote pool is to return the reward to the reward pool for posts that commit plagiarism, spam or cheat. However, there is the fact that many downvotes are performed without consideration of good intentions. This makes downvote a battlefield in Steem.  

The downvoting ratio gradually increases after HF21 and people are using their downvote to help this community and there are some people, who don,t use it to stop spam but they use their downvote for their personal reasons and some people downvote post because they don,t like it.

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I support your post

20.10.2019 09:51

thanks for your support but this post is already paid out. thanks for your concern

20.10.2019 16:31

Not yet, i just voted you in comment so there is more to be paid. Still learning my friend.
Glad you are back in this new jungle of old jungle circle
Welcome back

21.10.2019 04:09