NewSteem HF21/HF22: Back in the Game -- It,s The time to Power up

Everyone knows about the hardfork21 and hardfork22 happened. This changed a lot in this platform and now I believe it,s the time to Power up.
I m buying steem so I can continue to work here on this platform. It,s the time not to think about yourself but it,s time to think about how we can help this platform to grow.


Invite More Friends

This is the best time for us to tell people about this platform, at that time people can buy steem easily at low rates. I remember that day when I want to but one steem and it costs me $8 and above and I remember when I bought nearly 400 steem at the price of $1000 and now you can but nearly 1000 steem at the price of $160 - $170 depends upon the rate of steem.

If we invite more of our friends to this platform and they buy some steem and power up it can help them to earn a lot of money in the future. Don,t think about this time, think about the upcoming future when the rate of steem will increase. The more user this platform will have more it will grow and more stable it will be. To get more user on this platform we have to tell people about this platform and we have to share the post about steemit on different social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, and other social platforms.

Buy Steem

We can help our self and this platform just by buying some steem. At the current rate, you can buy 1000 steem at the price of $160 - $170 which in future can cost you more than $1000.

After NewSteem -HF21/HF22 It,s very important to buy steem because of Rewards Distribution Rewards: 50% / 50% . both the person who will upvote the Author will 50% of the reward according to steem power it will have. More steem power a person has more curator reward it will gain.

Is,t it amazing that you can make as much money as an Author can Just by voting him with your steam power


More steem Power you will have more you can earn every day. It,s one-time investment and you can make money your entire life More steem power you will have more you can make money. If you just don,t know how to make a quality post you can just make money by voting other people posts.

It feels good to see more community members coming together to make the platform a better place after the recent hard forks. If you're seeing more accounts turning into curation, that's indeed the EIP at work, sure, the way the reward pool works is not exactly an "equal" opportunity for all kinds of user behavior anymore


The best think about this hard fork was that you can downvote useless or spamming content without wasting your voting power. In Hard folk H21/H22 the made a change in which the separated your upvote power and downvote power. Before this hard fork people have to downvote spamming content by using their upvote power.
Why we need downvoting power and how it will help the steem community?
One of the major question asked by the newbie was that what good is downvote and how it will help the steem community grow.
The answer to this question is not that simple but in simple word, you can say that it will help the community member to stop spamming and the people who don,t deserve the reward pool and they are getting it without an issue they will be stopped, this hardfork changed things. People who don,t deserve the reward pool they will be downvoted.

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