NewSteem HF21/HF22: A new era of steem begins, Time to support Steemit

To make society stable we need what? How can we maintain checks and balance in society? The answer is simple we need some laws and policies.


 Policing is an integral aspect of any modern society. Historically, the level of crime in a society is largely dependent on the policing architecture of that society, but I feel sorry for steem there was no clear rule and regulation to check the behaviors of community members. And what did we see? We saw an era where the most powerful man on Steem was the man who knew how best to exploit the system by doing what they want to do. there is no stopping them. If someone tries to stop them they start downvoting them without thinking what effect it will cause on the platform. The Powerful man on steemit destroyed it either through the abuse of bid bots or self voting and by downvoting for there own personal reasons.  Nevertheless, HF21/HF22 has changed the story of policing as far as the Steem blockchain is concerned about providing a free tool of downvotes. 

Now those people who were destroying the reward pools for there own now are gone. they are facing the downvotes in order to keep the reward save. Now what we need to do is to build a strong community and help the minnows to grow. The number of minnows gradually decreased. There are leaving this platform because of how much they tried to work hard, no one supports there work, but now  @theycallmedan, @therealwolf, @exyle, @acidyo, @curangel and many more are trying to help the minnows and the content creators and they are also downvoting the users who are trying to steal the reward pool. 

I usually don,t post alot but I love to read post every day on steemit and I realized something that the topic of downvotes are gradually increasing since the Hf21/HF22. After reading the posts and seeing upvotes on the post I was curious, what people are getting more downvotes for, I mean now people are downvoting more post than usual. Most of the deserving post don,t get too many downvotes and some post that don,t deserve downvotes are getting downvotes. Since HF 21/22 Downvote on this platform is more widespread.  


 The provision of free downvote pools that do not reduce curation has caused many downvote players to continue trailing their target accounts. People are downvoting on purpose and some whales are downvoting good posts because they don,t like it. Downvotes are to reduce spam not for personal reasons.
In fact, the purpose of a good downvote pool is to return the reward to the reward pool for posts that commit plagiarism, spam or cheat. However, there is the fact that many downvotes are performed without consideration of good intentions. This makes downvote a battlefield in Steemit platform. 

                          Why downvote User:

Downvoting is the part of the steemit blockchain now the question arises whom to downvote. New users don,t know why they are getting downvotes. now the downvotes are free people feel encouraged to down users who deserve the downvote. Whom to downvote?


The users who are getting the downvotes are a spammer and now who is a spammer? Spammer are those users who are making short posts, copy the content of the others and make short and useless comments, to steal the reward pool.


Now the problem with this platform is the users are self voting upovting. Self-voting is considered spam in this platform but users don,t agree with it. user think they invested their money now they think they can do whatever they want to do with their voting power. Group of people are making the communities to vote for each other to get the reward for their own.


After HF21/HF22 buying votes from bit-bot is also considered as spam. Before HF21/HF22 most of the users buy upvote from bit-bot to be in trending and to boost their post to get an upvote. 

                       Downvoting problem

 The main problem is that finding bad content to downvote is,t it, even if you want to downvote. You get free downvotes every day which means that you have to be there every day to downvote stuff if you don’t want to waste downvoting power. Downvoting helps to maintain this platform stable. There is no doubt Downvoting is a good thing, And What if someone starts downvoting only because of he/she has more steem power and no one can face him or they start downvoting because of some personal reason or they don,t love your content even if it takes you an entire day to write. This type of downvote decreases the stability of this blockchain and people with low steem don,t even bother to stay on this platform where they get downvote without any alert and without any reason they get the downvotes. No one wants to invest if there is no assurance of his/her safety. Investor Invest only if he has guaranteed that his investment is safe and secure. But if there is downvote war then there will be no safety measurements and no one wants to invest in steem. 


 Downvotes can lead to a terrible war between steem communities. If the war between two whales starts then this is,t the war between the two whales but also between the people who they are following. After H21/22 has downvoting ratio has gradually increased. Now only we can do is try not to downvote for ourselves but try downvote to save the reward pool. 

How to help steemit to Grow:

We can help the steemit grow by helping minnows to grow. I myself was minnow are I know how difficult it is for a minnow to earn on steemit. In June 2017, I came to Steemit as a content creator.  After a couple of months, Steemit became my number one platform to post content. I wrote long posts, Most posts earned hardly anything but occasionally I hit the jackpot with a whale vote It hardly happened twice in my life span. After 1 month on Steem, I invested. I bought about 1,000 Steem at around $1.00 - $1.20. A year later, I bought around another 1,000 Steem. This time I paid about $0.15. The price might have been lower but the opportunities were greater. I believe Steem is a great investment even though the price has fallen significantly from when I first arrived in June 2017. Powering up provides great opportunities to earn more Steem. 

         We should Motivate the Minnow to buy steem:

Now the rate of steem is very low and it is the best opportunity for the user to buy steem. we have to motivate the new user to buy steem.  We can help our self and this platform just by buying some steem. At the current rate, you can buy 1000 steem at the price of $160 - $170 which in future can cost you more than $1000.After NewSteem -HF21/HF22 It,s very important to buy steem because of Rewards Distribution Rewards: 50% / 50% . both the person who will upvote the Author will 50% of the reward according to steem power it will have. More steem power a person has more curator reward it will gain.Is,t it amazing that you can make as much money as an Author can Just by voting him with your steam power.

 More steem Power you will have more you can earn every day. It,s a one-time investment and you can make money your entire life More steem power you will have more you can make money. If you just don,t know how to make a quality post you can just make money by voting other people's posts.

           Invite More Friends

 This is the best time for us to tell people about this platform, at that time people can buy steem easily at low rates. I remember that day when I want to but one steem and it costs me $8 and above and I remember when I bought nearly 400 steem at the price of $1000 and now you can but nearly 1000 steem at the price of $160 - $170 depends upon the rate of steem.If we invite more of our friends to this platform and they buy some steem and power up it can help them to earn a lot of money in the future. Don,t think about this time, think about the upcoming future when the rate of steem will increase. The more user this platform will have more it will grow and more stable it will be. To get more user on this platform we have to tell people about this platform and we have to share the post about steemit on different social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, and other social platforms

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08.10.2019 10:02

Hello. Currently there are a lot of curation groups and whales curating amazing content, there's no need to buy votes. The downvote you received is to discourage the buying of votes from bidbots. We kindly invite you to join us on the #NewSteem attitude, where good content receives votes and the organic content get the most attention. Buying votes hurts you, other authors and the Steem Ecosystem in general, please don't do it.

08.10.2019 11:30

@ocdb I did,t buy any upvote from anyone. In fact, I don,t like to buy votes. And you downvote me for what reason? I Discourage others not to buy upvotes or I bought vote from some bit bot. In this post, I discourage other steemien not to buy votes from bit bot . I don,t think so Discouraging others not to buy a vote is a good reason for you to downvote me.
f you are thinking I got bought a vote from smartsteem then, I want to clear you I did,t bought a vote they give me a random vote. kindly review your downvote.

08.10.2019 11:58

Seems like three of our latest downvotes were a mistake and we're checking on them. Thanks for pointing it out and sorry for the jumpscare we gave you.

08.10.2019 12:20

@ocdb I checked out a lot of post you downvoted because of they got upvote from smartsteem. Now smartsteem is randomly curating, and you are giving the downvote to people who are not buying upvotes., kindly fix this error, and I am happy you removed you downvote. Thank you very much

08.10.2019 12:24

We are only downvoting posts that bought votes, we are pretty certain the only mistaken DV posts were the last three and we fixed it minutes after. Thanks for the heads up though. Good luck and keep creating great content!

08.10.2019 16:40

@ocdb read my post then you decide that all that hard work of mine in this post deserves a downvote it feel very disappointed I worked very hard in return I got downvote, I quit working on this platform but after HF21/HF22 i start working again .I recieved downvote, without any reason? if your reason is that I bought a vote then I did,t bought a vote from any bid bot, I just got a random vote from @smartsteem.

08.10.2019 12:04

I never liked to buy votes; makes me feel too much like I am running a business, or an aspect thereof by doing that, so since I never saw the point ...

11.10.2019 03:45

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