Love Is Life - I,m All Alone

Someone ask me what is love?
Without any hesitation, I said your name
Because I know nothing about love without you
Now I,m all alone, I need you.

I know you still love me
Or I have a false belief in you
The day will come when you will be mine
Now I,m all alone, I need you.

I wish from God make me forget about you
Or Give me what I want is you
But in return, I got only pain
Now I,m all alone I need you.

Trying to be strong so that when you’ll come to me.
I’ll greet you with warm smiles and holding your hands,
I’ll softly whisper into your ears ” I Love You”
Now I,m all alone I need you

Feeling sad.jpg

We used to speak for hours during the night on phone,
Now the night is lonely those days are gone.
I then too refuse to change my phone number because
I,m all alone I need you

You are my life I,m your sin
You are light I,m the darkest din
I loved you more than anything
Now I,m all alone I need you.

If tomorrow I die and don’t get a chance again to say how much I Love You.
Just always remember,
That once I was Yours and once You were Mine.
Now I,m all alone I need you.

                                    **_Love is life and Life is Painful without Love_**

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But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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