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Today Is Tuesday 16 February 2021

Hello I am @Waiyankyaw & Welcome To My Another Post Of 10 Pictures Challenge

So Guys Today I Am Ready To Share My Town Ten Pictures In My Post So Guyz Without Wasting Any More Time Let's See My Today's Photograpy.

Here Is My Photography.

Number (1)


This is a fruit shop. You will get all kinds of fruits here if you need buy fruit you will need to go there .

Location :

Number (2)


He is a betel leaf shopkeeper and he is always very cheerful & I am seeing him to the side of market (Bizra) .

Location :

Number (3)


Here you will find all kinds of groceries starting from a grocery store biscuits & This guy was really good

Location :

Number (4)


He is a meat seller and he always sells beef.if you need good meat you need to go Bizra Bazar to buy it

Location :

Number (5)


The man on the side of the road sells sugarcane. I am seeing him to the side of bus road in Bizra Bazar

Location :

Number (6)


Eggs are available in large quantities in the shop. If you want you can also buy sometimes I am go there & I Buying some eggs

Location :

Number (7)


As a shoemaker, he always sews torn shoes & he is a very poor I am seeing him on a middle side of shop .

Location :

Number (8)


The man sits on the sidewalk selling da, kural, kasti, and more. If you need agricultural thing you will find him

Location :

Number (9)


The shop sells plenty of raw bananas and ripe bananas. I am fan of bananas because it's my favourite food

Location :

Number (10)

He is a sweet shopkeeper.1KG 140 BDT I am buying 2KG on This Shopkeeper Sweet So It's A Really Sweet

Location :

So Guyz It's My Today's Photograpy
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