How to Mine Epic-Cash Tutorial / Epic Cash挖矿教程


If you still don't know what is Epic cash, please read:

Here is the tutorial for how to mine Epic Cash!

Wallet and Miner Download:
Choose the right version for your system, here I use the windows version as example!

Epic Cash

Click the name and download all of the 4 files.

Run the Server and Create Wallet!

1: Unzip the file to run the epic server and wait for the synchronisation to complete.

Epic Cash Server
There are 4 steps to finish the sync, the Header Chain Height and Chain Height will be equal when finished!

2: Now we need to create a new wallet., unzip the epic-wallet zip file, and run the epic-wallet-create.bat file

Create Wallet
It's invisible when you type your password (just like Linux), so please make sure you type the right password. It's better to write down the password on notepad and save it!

Then your wallet seed file will be generated! PLEASE WRITE DOWN YOUR RECOVERY PHRASE and keep it SECRET, it’s your BACKUP!

3: Chcek Balance - Run the "epic-wallet-info"

Chcek Balance


Mine with CPU

1: Unzip the file, and edit the epic-miner.toml file with notepad or other txt editors!

Mine Epic Cash

Line 40: change the algo to RandomX to mine with CPU, this Randomx is an algo designed for CPU. OR change it to ProgPow is you want to mine with GPU!

Line 46: choose a mining pool: change "" to a mining pool, such as ""

Line 49 & 52, remove the "#", and change the login username and password, you can use your wallet address as username, and X as password!

Line 64: change the mining threads!

2: Save and close the file, then run the "epic-miner" to mine EPIC CASH with CPU!

Mining Epic Cash

Mine with GPU RIG

1: Edit the epic-miner.toml and change the algo to ProgPow

2: Setting the mining pool / name / pass info

3: Edit line 80:


Copy and paste to the same ammount of your GPU card! Such as below for 3 cards

device = 0
driver = 2
device = 1
driver = 2
device = 2
driver = 2

4: Save and close the file, then run the "epic-miner" to mine EPIC CASH with your GPU Rig!

How to Send and Receive EPIC

Let's make it simple: send 20 epic from A to B

A and B should be both online and run the Epic server / Wallet!

A: Make should you have 20+ Epic in your wallet :)

  • 1: Create a new .bat file, the command should be
    epic-wallet.exe send -m file -d any_transaction_name.tx 20
  • 2: Run this .bat file, input the passoword, and then there should be a any_transaction_name.tx file generated!
  • 3: Send the any_transaction_name.tx file to B

B: Now you received the transaction file from A

  • 1: Create a new .bat file, and the command is
    epic-wallet.exe receive -i any_transaction_name.tx
  • 2: Run the .bat file, and there should be a any_transaction_name.tx.response file generated!
  • 3: Send the any_transaction_name.tx.response file back to A

A: Now you received the response file from B

  • 1: Created anther .bat file, the command is
    epic-wallet.exe finalize -i any_transaction_name.tx.response
  • 2: Run the .bat file to confirm the transaction!

Epic 挖矿教程



1: 解压epic.zip文件,运行Server服务器端同步数据,当看到 Header Chain HeightChain Height 这两个数据相同时,即表示同步完成!

2: 解压wallet.zip文件, 运行epic-wallet-create.bat文件创建新钱包
注意在输入密码的时候是不显示的,不要输错! 确认后会生成SEED钱包文件,以及助记词! 我的Windows7系统钱包文件C:\Users\Administrator\.epic\main\wallet_data! 建议备份钱包及助记词!



P.S. 记得把用户名和密码那两行前面的#符号给删掉!





A端先创建个.bat文件来创建发送命令, 文件内容为 epic-wallet.exe send -m file -d any_transaction_name.tx 20, 其中any_transaction_name即你为此次转账取的名字,任意写,但是下面的都要对应!


B在收到这个文件后,也要创建一个.bat文件来接收,文件内容为epic-wallet.exe receive -i any_transaction_name.tx.


A再创建一个.bat文件,内容为epic-wallet.exe finalize -i any_transaction_name.tx.response。运行此文件确认,即可完成交易过程!

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