[EPIC]Epic Cash - Mineable Multi-Algo Altcoin - MimbleWimble + Dandelion++



A secure, scalable, and private means of exchange, designed for wide distribution.

Epic Cash is a new mineable & multi-algo altcoin which using MimbleWimble + Dandelion++ protocol to secure the privacy!


  • Project Name: Epic Cash
  • Currency Name: EPIC
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Block Size: 1MB
  • Premine: 0
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000
  • Mining Algo: RandomX (CPUs), ProgPow (GPUs) and CuckAToo31+ (ASICs)

Useful link:

Mining reward allotments:

Emission schedule:

The mainnet is launched on September 2, 2019, it's still early period for CPU miners!

I will create a new post for the mining turtorial for Epic Cash since it is a very different altcoin with others.


Epic Cash是一个最新发布的基于MimbleWimble 和 Dandelion++协议的一款山寨币。总量2100万,0预挖,支持三种算法,分别对应CPU, GPU, ASIC矿机。主网在9月2日上线,目前还处于挖矿早起,根据挖矿奖励的分布,目前CPU挖矿比较占优势!

其他基本信息参考上面列表! 非常独特的一款山寨币,挖矿方式和其他常规币稍有不同,需要做一些简单的设置,所以挖矿教程将会在下一篇文章单独发布!

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