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Deflationary is a protocol that was developed to become a protocol that allows cryptocurrencies to have a real economic system. With the deflationary protocol, cryptocurrency prices can become more stable and even increase in the future. The protocol allows the supply of tokens to decrease with transactions. In this way, the supply will decrease and it will affect the price of the token. Because as it is known that when supply decreases and demand increases, then the value of an object will become more valuable and this is the reason behind the deflationary protocol.

Currently, many platforms have adopted deflationary protocols in the crypto market. And make this sector one of the future potential sectors in the crypto market. And HyperBoost saw this as an opportunity and wanted to present a cryptocurrency with a deflationary protocol. HyperBoost is a hyper-deflationary token with various advanced features which will provide benefits to users such as passive income, increased value, etc.

Hyper-deflationary Token

Hyper-deflationary tokens are cryptocurrencies that adopt a deflationary protocol that allows their supply to be drastically reduced for each transaction. With a drastic reduction in supply, the value of cryptocurrencies will increase in the crypto market. This method is an innovative way to increase the value of cryptocurrencies because in addition to increasing the price of tokens, holders will also benefit from this price increase. Holding tokens with a deflationary protocol can be an advantage for holders because besides being able to benefit from an increase in token prices, holders will also get passive income which is distributed to users' wallets through smart contracts. This is what HyperBoost offers, a hyper-deflationary token with a modern protocol that will benefit its holders. HyperBoost is a token with a cutting-edge hyper buyback burn protocol that will allow holders to earn passive income easily. Later HyperBoost will automatically buyback and burn to increase the value of the token.

HyperBoost was launched on the Binance Smart Chain which is one of the best chains in the crypto market today. Listen to this chain HyperBoost can bring users a hyper-deflationary token with faster transaction speeds, lower fees, higher security, and many other benefits.


Components you can get, if you join HyperBoost

Hyper Vault Staking

Worked for Strong Holders by the Community! Token checking Variable facilitated emblematic Reward scatterings in various tokens quickly Support for emerging tokens like revamp

NFT Marketplace

HyperBoost will open a NFT Platform that will in like manner gather as one with expert/gamers/engineers who will use our exchange to sell their creative mind all through the planet.

Game Development

HyperBoost holders will experience a P2E and Mini Games Development in the future to be release on iOS and Android or Dapps w/auxiliary architects to the errand.

Integrated Payments

Exchanges that recognize credit/check card to purchase a more noteworthy measure of our tokens as we exist longer later on, making a less issue understanding in buying hyperboost.

Benefits if you get along with HyperBoost

Gem Holders Proof: Locking prizes and vault charges reward long stretch holders. This prompts more confidence in the undertaking, which subsequently prompts even more long stretch holders.

Social Proof: Locked tokens clearly display the neighborhood to the somewhat long vision of your endeavor APY, TVL, and clear rewards moreover show validness.

Neighborhood: Staking outfits holders with a usage case for their tokens which will help them with residual attracted with the endeavor and neighborhood.

Exciting News: Crypto projects need to show steady turn of events and improvement to remain huge, Staking vaults work as a unimaginable snippet of data to keep your neighborhood and secured!

Adventure Funding. The portable overseer charge on our vaults can make persistent Income for your errand.

Technical Benefits: Instant Token Utility: Partnership with vaults add utility and another use case to existing tokens immediately. This utility makes your token more intriguing to new monetary benefactors.

Custom Vault Contracts: Our vault contracts are attempted to suit the specific particular necessities of your endeavor.
Smart Contract Security: Testing and external audits are vital for all DeFi projects. All of our vault contracts go through outcast security surveys reliably. Besides, that is by and large what’s available at dispatch.


The HyperBoost platform allows people from all over the world to get these tokens easily. HyperBoost token was launched with the abbreviation HYPR with the BSC BEP-20 protocol with a utility token type that has many functions, such as for payments, rewards, staking, etc. Users will get passive income by just holding this token, the more tokens they hold, the greater the reward they will receive. HYPR tokens are utility tokens needed by those who expect utility tokens with actual use cases.

Distribution Token

15% Initial Burn
11% Public Initial Coin Offering
5% In-Game Rewards / Bet Storage
5% Tournament Sponsorship & Real Integrated Partnerships
64% Public Presale + Pancake Swap Initial Liquidity

To conclude

Hyper deflationary is a protocol that allows the supply of tokens to be drastically reduced for each transaction to increase the price. This protocol allows the value of the token to increase significantly compared to without using this protocol. And HyperBoost is here as a hyper-deflationary token that allows its holders to benefit from just holding this token. HyperBoost has various features which can increase the price such as hyper buyback burn protocol, static reflections and burns, and other features. With a solution like this, the value of HyperBoost can increase which will benefit the holders. And not only that, users will also be able to earn passive income from HyperBoost's reflection mechanism. HyperBoost aims to become a hyper-deflationary token that users around the world can rely on.

HyperBoost #BSC #HYPERBurn #HYPERBurnProtocol #BTC

For More Information Click Links Bellow:
Website: https://hyperboostworld.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.flipsnack.com/hyperboostwhitepaper/hyperboost-whitepaper.html
Telegram: https://t.me/HyperBoostOfficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HyperBoostBSC/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperBoostBSC

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