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NFTs are indivisible digital assets and provably unique. They contain identifying information recorded in smart contracts, so no two are alike. NFTs have many different use cases, for example, Crypto Dogs Club NFTs are both gamified, collectible art, combining art and gaming.

The CryptoDogs collection consists of one thousand mostly programmatically generated dogs. Each dogs is unique and differs from every other dogs at least 4 traits. Crypto Dogs find their way onto the blockchain for 0.3 BNB.

How can I get Crypto Dogs?

Dogs will be available for purchase on our website when minting goes live. Upon purchasing an NFT, a unique, blockchain-generated Dogs will be minted and delivered to your wallet.

Dogs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the BSC blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Your Dogs live on the address of your connected wallet, and are viewable on Marketplace or Pancakeswap.

Dogs have many uses. Like any art piece, they are desirable, aesthetically pleasing and can be bought and sold on the market. Unlike many other NFTs, Dogs have own marketplace, for access to the benefits of The Club and much more.


The cool thing about Crypto Dogs is that it has an integrated marketplace. The marketplace uses the underlying smart contract directly which you can verify. On the marketplace you can offer Dogs for sale, place a bid for a Dog, Buy a Dog and accept a bid for a Dog.

Sale Details
Date: 24 OCT 16:00 UTC. Your Local Time :
Total Mintable NFT: 10,000.Price : 0.3 BNB per NFT

Max Contribution: 20 NFT per transaction. But mint as many times as you want.
Duration: All NFT minted or max 72 hours.

Dogs TokenID Numbers are generated randomly from contract.

Contract Address:

Do not send directly BNB or any tokens to contract address.

Public sale will be just live on

Marketplace will be paused until minting event end

How to Participate?

Prepare your Wallet
Buy some BNB and withdraw it your metamask or trustwallet. Each Doggys are 0.3 BNB so you have to enough BNB as you want to buy.
Connect your Wallet

Visit the app of CryptoDogsClub: ​

Click Connect Wallet and switch it to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet if needed.

Wait Minting Event to Start
24 OCT 16:00 UTC. Your Local Time:

When the countdown is over, write how many NFT you want to buy in the box that opens , click Mint button and confirm the transaction. Price 0.3 BNB for each Dogs.

Max Contribution: 20 NFT per transaction. But mint as many times as you want.
Now you can review the collection to see what nfts you’ve minted.

No presale or reserved for team. All NFT’s will be sold in public sale.

Road Map

As should be obvious, we’re attempting to give ETA to each undertaking. However, advancement or coding is difficult, and it is constantly joined by some vulnerability. We will make an honest effort to deliver each component or item on schedule. If it’s not too much trouble, likewise know about the potential deferrals. For more information visit the link below:

NFTGiveaway #NFTdrop #CryptoDogsClub #CDC


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