My Actifit Report Card: July 3 2019

Sometime ago I went to buy a nearby restaurant. The rumors on the oven were strangely speaking to each other, in that pitch, sometimes he burnt it again and again he would get out of it. Customers' rush increased, and already existing customers also asked him to be soon as soon as he started to fight almost every single person.
I was watching all this for the last few minutes. If my turn came, he started throwing me out of the oven. It was close to walking quite red. I saw that clarified and said to him that you look like a very good worker, no ordinary man can not afford any kind of red-clay.
After listening to me, he looked at me as if he did not believe it. I further emphasized that this whole area will not be a teacher like you. I wish you'd come in this oven first.
Hearing this, the oven got as much energy as possible. Once his mood was pleasant, smile on the face came and he said:
"Sir, if everyone gets a little patience then they will get the best deal."
That's the day and today's day. Whenever I go, it does not matter to me specially. Even this morning, when I went to buy a tall, I was having breakfast, and his assistant was hanging in the oven. The rush was enough, he told his assistant to put the rest, he would put himself for me.
He finished the breakfast as soon as possible, and poured out the best of the kind, filled straw. People standing there were considered to be a VIP person. .
And I was thinking that just now the only one of the Prophet's crew had followed, in which he ordered others to be present with morality and compassion, and in return I got such a wonderful and excellent service. If all the ideas are implemented then Paradise will be found in the world

165 cm
65 kg
Body Fat
50 %
42 cm

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