Celebrating the 3rd Steem payoutversary with a happy anniversary animated gif and a link to the Declaration of Digital Independence

Hi steemians, today is July 4th and beyond USA Independence Day we also celebrate th 3rd anniversary of the first Steem tokens payouts, congratulations to all! As I already resteemed, @steemitblog started posting Happy First STEEM Payout-iversary! and many are sharing your #anniversary thoughts on Steem blockchain. I found this animated gif uploaded by GIF Queen on Gfycat website and pasted the Steem logo and I hope you like it.

I wasn't here when the first payout happened but I helped to create and update the Steem.center wiki articles about July 4th and March 24th (Steem Genesis Block Day). The time I was introduced here in the early days of 2017, even being a fresh steemian I suggested Growth idea: Social Media Independence Day on July 4th (#SMID). A Day to celebrate the joy of real life, tech freedom and Steemit first anniversary. Somewhat like the "Declaration of Digital Independence" proposed by Jerry Sanger and reported on Salon yesterday: Wikipedia co-founder plans social media strike. Will it work?

Here we are after 3 years and many hard forks, I confess I exageratted (just to call attention) when publishing The last day of Steem but now it's time to celebrate and to look forward, like @whatsup called us to do in his post: New STEEM... It's not like OLD STEEM. Furthermore, with the new Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra announced, I think that exciting moments of competition and fun are coming :-)


I found this musician playing a song I think can fit for this birthday party. I'm brazilian but I visited the USA historical cities of Washington DC, Boston - where I found this interesting donkey that I thought it was a mule - and Alexandria, where I took a picture (and shared via @appics) of this old iron boot scraper too. If you think this kind of music is so much old fashioned, I recommend to choose one from @cryptofinally's list Top 5 Cryptocurrency Songs on DTube.

Happy 3rd Steem payoutversary and may the nour bewith you!
Thankks aand good luckgain!!

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