You are needed, stay protected.


You never see the value of health until you find yourself in a very devastating state. This is not what we hope to see you. Everyone must endeavor to keep yourself so good to the duty of life. It is not something extraordinary that is expected from you. But doing the very basic stuff that will ensure your safety is all we campaign for. You simply have to live well especially in this era of the deadly pandemic. It is so real and so be up and fight against the virus. It is our greatest enemy now. Not your fellow human. There's no wealth better than your health. Take good care of your health and it will certainly take care of you.

We bring you so many greetings from the camp of wafrica, under the direction and leadership of @surfyogi. We want t to believe you are doing well today as always. If there's anything worth doing, it is getting yourself well protected in these perilous times. The prevalence of COVID-19 still appears to some people as a joke and so they do not take it more seriously. Every one of us here must try every effort to work harder on getting others educated about how deadly the virus is.


In this regard, it has become necessary we share this piece of information with all our readers to see how serious our love for you is. We need you alive and so this is just to make sure your protection against the pandemic is at heart. Let us keep observing the basic protective measures to avoid the contraction of the virus. The blockchain has a lot more to offer us than we could imagine. Keep up the good work and hope to see the many great features that are underway. Live well. Coronavirus is real, stay protected.

Many thanks to all the wonderful blockchain enthusiasts that have made its operation an incredible one for all. Most especially @surfyogi @ackza @adetorrent @chris4210 @nanzo-scoop @demotruk @starkerz @bleepcoin @ganjafarmer @lordjames @abh12345 @ripperone @sweetsssj @thejohalfiles @curangel @therealwolf @d-pend @azircon @galenkp and all hardworking individuals on the blockchain whose effort on the blockchain has been a great blessing on to the family they belong. Be among these great geeks to make history on the blockchain

And to all the supporters and followers of @wafrica on the blockchain, we say a very special thanks and greetings to everyone.
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What a good contribution to society that of this campaign, really, I can see that they are passionate and committed people, true humans that today we need success in this campaign.

23.05.2020 04:45