WAfrica curation update for Saturday, 6th July.


Hello family. Hope your week is going fine?
It is your blockchain host @mediahousent here to give you the top posts for Saturday, 6th July, 2019.

• First post on the list was authored by @lydop with - Introduction to Steem

• Second on the list was authored by @oluwashinaayomi with - Be conscious of unconscious- teachers of life

• Third on the list was authored by @mosunomotunde with - Blockchainchapel

• Fourth on the list was authored by @kayda-ventures with - Portrait

• Fifth on the list was authored by @nashilda17 with - The consequences of abortion in early pregnancy

• Last post for the week’s curation 22nd was authored by @focusnow with - 10 difference between good friends and toxic friends

Congratulations to the winners.

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The curators includes....

@surfyogi, @gee1, @nmalove, @jeaniepearl, @chiama, @lordjames, @kofpato, @prettyjules158, @phunke, @steemgh, @mcsamm, @julietisrael @mediahousent

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