Turkey's Erdogan calls to 'revitalize' relationship with EU amid coronavirus pandemic | Fox News


revived its bid for membership in the European Union (EU), calling to "revitalize" their relationship and citing the coronavirus pandemic as a clear demonstration of the need for unity.

Saturday marked the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, a proposal in 1950 that laid the groundwork for the European Coal and Steel Community -- the forerunner to the European Union. Also known as Europe Day, the annual celebration was observed more conservatively due to the pandemic.

"We must make good use of the opportunities these tough days will present in order to revitalize the Turkey-EU relations. I hope that the EU, which has assumed a discriminative and exclusionist attitude toward our country on various issues to this date, has now understood that we are all [in] the same boat," President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a statement to commemorate the day.

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