NASA astronauts return to a drastically changed Earth after months in orbit - CNET


When astronauts return to Earth, it usually takes time to readjust to life with gravity and the basic option to go outside. But NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Drew Morgan, along with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka, returned Friday morning to a world that's drastically different today than what it was when they left for the International Space Station months earlier. 

The trio made a parachute-assisted landing in a Soyuz capsule that touched down in a remote part of Kazakhstan, where they were greeted by crews wearing face masks. 

Total social distancing is pretty much impossible when returning to Earth from orbit, as each space traveler is pulled one-by-one from the capsule by four men who carry them to a chair where they enjoy a first breath of fresh air in months and go through a series of medical checks. 

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