Looking for a small gift idea? Try one of these scented candles


When someone gives you a scented candle, you will think of that person each time you light it. It's a gift that keeps giving, across swaths of time marked by varied experiences. A fragrant candle affects the ambiance of your space subtly but intimately, shifting your mood based on scent alone. Perhaps a scent reminds you of home or of a trip abroad. Maybe it brings you to autumn or spring. Coffee or lemongrass candles aid alertness, whereas lavender and chamomile candles help relax you. Receiving a scented candle as a gift is also an opportunity for self-reflection: What is it about this scent that reminds this person of me? If a certain aroma brings a loved one to mind, they're sure to enjoy it in their home. Here are some of our favorite scented candles available today.

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