Kings and Queens of Corona: 5 people who are having a great global pandemic — RT Op-ed


It doesn't matter how much misery and economic hardship is caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there are always people out there who always find a way to benefit. And guess what? It just happens to be the usual suspects.

Here are five people having a great global pandemic

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has had a great pandemic. Rather than stick around and have to explain why his policies did nothing to prevent thousands from dying, he decided to catch coronavirus himself; a stroke of political genius. You get a couple of weeks in bed, look heroic as you battle the deadly virus and get to magnanimously thank the nurses who looked after you at the end of it all. More essentially, Boris has an excuse to shift some of the blame on to others, which is the most important thing in politics. Oh, and just to cap it all of, his fiancee has given birth. He should call a snap election right now.

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