Contrary to Fox's 'reopen the country' rhetoric, Fox News offices will remain closed until mid-June - CNN


Fox News stars are echoing President Trump's call to "reopen the country" and urging people to get back to work in the face of the coronavirus threat. But Fox's offices won't be opening up anytime soon.

Friday memo from Fox Corp chief operating officer John Nallen extended the company's work from home directive through June 15. On that date, at the earliest, Fox Corp properties like Fox News will begin a gradual reopening of offices. The date could very well be delayed further.

Sources told me that Nallen's memo said any resumption of activity in the office will happen in phases. Fox News is essentially already operating in the first phase, with technical personnel and some anchors working from Fox News HQ in New York City under essential personnel rules, to keep the network on the air. Other TV networks have been operating the same way, with a greatly reduced headcount. Fox's work-from-approach has been getting extra attention, though, due to the rah-rah back-to-work rhetoric espoused on pro-Trump shows like "Fox & Friends."

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