Another day, another fail: Bloomberg MIXES UP hospital bed stats of Russia & OECD in attack on country's Covid-19 response — RT World News


Shortly after asking "why the coronavirus did not kill more Russians," Bloomberg illustrated a stinging op-ed with a graph suggesting Russia is far behind OECD states in hospital beds... though the exact opposite is true.

Everything's fine if it fits the narrative, Bloomberg Opinion editors might have thought when they misquoted World Bank statistics on the number of hospital beds per 1,000 residents, including the misrepresented data in a Russia-bashing op-ed by Clara Ferreira Marques, titled ‘How Putin's Russia Bungled the Pandemic'.

Taking a swipe at Russia's efforts to upgrade the Soviet healthcare system to make it less cumbersome and more effective, the piece argued that the endeavor failed, only leading to a drop in hospitals, beds available, and doctors.

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