Greetings from the void!

Hey fellow steemians!

and greetings from the void ;)

Yes, I'm still alive - but I life's been busy the last 12 Months.

Since my last Update I did not really find time to be active on steemit.

But there was a lot of things going on, in my life :D

Best of all: I have a new job!

I quit my old job and now I'm working as Java-Developer for NETCONOMY, a leading provider of premium business modeling services and omnichannel solutions. With 20 years of experience NETCONOMY has been the innovation partner for various companies from Retail, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance to Service Industries.

Working here is great and I got to learn soo much new things! At the moment I am in a Project where we are developing a new, cloud-based, online shop for Douglas. My current responsibility is to write Kyma-Microservices, that interact with our shop, and third party applications. Really exciting and thrilling topic.

A lot of traveling

Besides that I traveled a lot with my wife. We were in Paris, Lisbon, Bratislava,Ljubljana and Budapest. On Monday we will fly to Madrid. :D I am already looking forward to that!

Oh,a nd I already had my first business-trips to Belgrade and the beautiful, but expensive, city of Zurich.

Zurich - image by

So I am back now!

I will now slowly start to find my way back to steemit - lot of things happened here as far as I've seen ^^

At the moment I am not planing a reboot the DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST since I will have to check how much time I can invest on steemit.

But anyways, great to be back. And I will keep you updated. :)

Have a nice day and steem on!

Cheers, @w0olf


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Welcome back, on the Steem Blockchain!
Damit du gleich mal eine Vorabinfo bekommst
am 27.8. findet der nächste HF21 statt.
Also nicht wundern wenn es nächste Woche wieder eckt,
aber das kennst du ja eh schon, aus dem letzten HF
lg 🤠

21.08.2019 12:34


21.08.2019 22:56

Welcome back. It's been quiet.

22.08.2019 17:46

OMG @w0olf is alive :D

I mean... I didn't ever have reason to believe you're dead... but your steem-account sure looked a bit like it was ;)

Great to see you come back to the platform, so much has happened, there's a hard-fork tomorrow afternoon actually, has issued SMT-like tokens on a side chain (check your wallet over there... you have some CAT, too!), and so many more things...

the #googlyeyes show is still running strong... maybe you'll find time for some eyebombing during all those travels?!

Anyways, good to see you back man!

26.08.2019 10:17