To Be Free

I just want to be free for once in my life.
When I'm finally done with University.
Maybe then I can finally be free...
At least for half of the week.
I'll make that my priority.
I want to be free to sing whenever and however I want.
This is clearly really important to me as my body reacts negatively when I {Can't}.
I want to be done caring what other people think about me.
I want to find out who I am.
I want to love myself.
If someone I love, loves me then, as who I really am, then that would make all the torments of this life worth it.
If I can't do this I will die sooner than later.
Suffocated, just like my throat seizes up now as I occasionally remember that I'm not free.
I am a slave, and I have been my entire life.
A slave to 'formal education' a slave to 'avoiding risk' a slave to fear.
I have never been free to be myself. I am a slave.
Recognition is the first step to recovery.
The saying 'Money can't buy happiness' is a lie.
Money can buy freedom.
If freedom doesn't make you happy, nothing can.

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