The blockchain Steem will be promoted at the Entrepreneurs Fair held by the organization Rotary (Itcheme )- Venezuela


The city of El Tigre - Venezuela, has become a place for large events to promote the use of crypto, thanks to the work that have made different cryptoinfluencer of the area, along with several projects.

This October 18, there will be a business fair run by the International Rotary Organization - headquarters Itcheme [instagram] ( where various companies and enterprises will participate with the idea of sharing with the community and exchanging ideas between projects.

You can visit the organization website:

We as a project votovzla will be present at this fair, with the purpose of promoting the blockchain steem and some dapps, so that people present can appreciate the power of the platform and start in the world of crypto.

This type of activities are necessary to contribute to the adoption of the blockchain steem and that the applications manage to convert new users.



  • Share with users of the blockchain steem
  • Encourage new users to be part of this innovation by using the different dapp of the blockchain, as well as being part of a community.
  • Achieve advertising reach of 5000 people (estimated)
  • Show the international community the work being done with the blockchain steem in Venezuela.



To attend this activity, it is necessary the support of the steem community, in order to raise the necessary funds to attend the event, for logistics and advertising expenses.

Preliminary budget to pay for all expenses: 250$ -300$ includes registration fee, marketing material, meals and snacks for exhibitors (3 - 4 people), additionally we will hold raffles for Steem accounts at the fair.

You can vote for our proposal in Steem Proposals:

e expect the support of the whole community, this kind of activities drive the blockchain steem, to attract new users and developers.

It should be noted that this activity is part of our celebration of the second anniversary in the steem blokchain.
You an see our previous event:


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Me encanta la idea, ya que soy residente acá en El Tigre.

04.10.2019 21:04

Que genial, el tigre activado siempre un paso al frente.

04.10.2019 22:26

Upvoted and resteemed!

maybe @theycallmedan can come check out the SOv channela nd see steem needs to have a deflationary aspect and we need PPSo to become liek SOV

steem needs to also do a telegram TIP bot like bloks ipo has so we can do a meme competition or use banjo but we need to give 0.1 steem to every meme maker... its working great for SOV

04.10.2019 22:59

Great idea, presence and just another genius way to promote STEEM everywhere in the world. Participating at fairs, engaging people and spreading the word about STEEM is just good for everybody!

05.10.2019 00:06

El Tigre la Ciudad de las criptos, que bien.

05.10.2019 07:31

This is great. Will you be having an actual stand at the event, or just attending it?

05.10.2019 12:24

we will have a stand to attend to all the people who attend.

05.10.2019 13:58

That is good.

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05.10.2019 14:27

Espero que todo les salga bien.... ánimo

05.10.2019 14:38

Suerte chicos, los apoyaremos en la medida de nuestra posibilidades, El Team de VotoVzla en El Tigre es pionero en expandir el mensaje Cripto en Venezuela.

05.10.2019 15:47

que excelente evento, ojala se vean mas eventos en venezuela con esta tematica que esta creciendo cada vez mas!!

05.10.2019 17:05

so happy to see this is going on, success.

05.10.2019 17:43

¡Qué buen evento! Les deseo toda la suerte del mundo. Bienvenidas todas estas iniciativas.
Upvotd and resteemed..

05.10.2019 18:52

Excelente!! VotoVzLA apoyando a la comunidad y la blockchain de Steem

05.10.2019 19:39

Debemos tener ese tipo de eventos en Venezuela. Gracias por ser innovación en mi país,espero que algo así suceda en Valencia.

05.10.2019 20:32

Faltan 14 días. Este centro comercial lo llenaremos de STEEM

05.10.2019 20:43

@votovzla I am excited, what a great initiative, I hope that many people can be interested in this project and can start in this fabulous world of Steem.

05.10.2019 21:01

celebration of the second anniversary of the blokchain steem

Uh... steem has been around for more than 2 years...

06.10.2019 01:49

Es increíble la idea. Normalmente los países latinos no sienten el interés de creer y hacer vida en el mundo de la Blockchain. Por ello, es necesario acercar información a las personas, enseñarles que más allá de una herramienta de trabajo, es un estilo de vida...! Actividades como esta, marcan el rumbo correcto. Aplausos.. Me pongo a la orden. Saludos..

06.10.2019 03:21

Good news

06.10.2019 05:53

Perfect! This is absolutely perfect timing with a perfect solution! Get away from that currency and stop relying on that government to help the every day person.

Crypto is the answer and Steem is a bargain right now, plus we are cool and awesome! There is so much information here that can help them recover!

Go guys! Steem baby 😁✌🏼

06.10.2019 08:06

So nice.This is a great news.

06.10.2019 12:36

¡Esto es fabuloso!

Llevando el conocimiento a más personas. #steemon

06.10.2019 17:55

Friend, You can vote for our proposal in Steem Proposals:

07.10.2019 02:31

Gonna consider this one!

07.10.2019 14:00

Saludos@votozla , gracias por esta propuesta espero que tenga éxito , el tigre activado por Venezuela por esta merecida plataforma blockchain, un abrazo

07.10.2019 02:56

this sounds good!

07.10.2019 03:10

I am so proud being part of this community! Still figuring stuff out but crypto makesme happy...

07.10.2019 22:09

Mucho éxito paisanos!

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08.10.2019 03:21

I hope Blokchain Steem will continue to develop with the promotion

08.10.2019 03:44

this is so good

08.10.2019 11:09

Que bueno que se pueda lograr este tipo de promociones en la región.

08.10.2019 12:55