CBI Token Update Day 9 (Its Raining)

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Buyback price 0.116

Number of CBI 10000
Bought back 0
Remaining 10000

We have a small increase in price.
We have money invested in other things so never say never but my main aim is to powerup all holding for a stable future of the program.

Key notes
Steempower has increased to 201
Leased steem is 5760 (orders pending)
Leo holding 3000

So the main points are the SteemPower increase which has had a 100% increase since the beginning of round 2.
Leased steem has had a expedential increase
We are now in the top 100 (exactly 100) on the leo richlist.
The accounts directly ahead of us need to look over there shoulders and up there game if they want to maintain there ranking.
We have staked more ufm with the dividend payouts on staked ufm.
Also increased Tmps holding once again dividend based.
We have orders pending for Tipu and NBC

Looking at just a 1% increase in buyback may not look very exciting but when you take into account everything the account is now holding you should be very excited.

Rain baby Rain
Another awesome feature introduced in the ufm discord.
Everytime anyone buys a tickets it has the chance to trigger a rain feature which gives FREE tokens to everyone in the discord at that time.
@taskmanager is a one man army and is just implementing great new changes almost daily.
Long may it continue.

Upfund.me is definitely my new home away from home and with a solid group of members and ever increasing userbase can only see this tribe going up.

Feel free to sell at 16% profit
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07.02.2020 16:22

I'm glad I have a few CBI!

07.02.2020 16:32

I am more glad you are part of it. Thank you for your trust and support

07.02.2020 22:44

I am more glad you
Are part of it. Thank you for
Your trust and support

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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

07.02.2020 22:44

Your detect wrong 👍

08.02.2020 00:08

I have learned more about tokens in the past 2 days than I ever knew before. Thank you!

08.02.2020 03:49

every token seems to be doing well this week...

Posted via Steemleo

07.02.2020 16:40

Yes absolutely. Feel free to drop by the discord we have lots of stuff going on

07.02.2020 22:45

Keep up the great work! We are all keeping an eye on your new initiative :) I think the synergy in the upfundme community is incredible!

07.02.2020 16:47

Totally agree. Sky is the limit. Goes to show what working together can achieve

07.02.2020 22:43