In St. Petersburg there is the sea!

A few days were very hot.
At this time,
there is a desire to be near the water.
There's a lot of water bodies.
And of course, the Gulf of Finland


There are many places for swimming.
But the most civilized and cultural,
specially equipped for recreation - far from my home

So I drove here, it's next to my house,
just 10 minutes by car

Yes, there is no sand and there are big stones on the shore.
But it's okay, you can swim


On the shore grow new buildings.
The house also probably want to bathe



The Gulf of Finland is part of the Baltic sea.
So we can assume that this is the sea

Comments 10

Okay! This is the sea! It’s salty!!
Nice weather for swimming!!

04.08.2019 13:52

only there is no such warm water as in Thailand...

04.08.2019 15:07

море как настоящее

04.08.2019 16:16

оно и есть настоящее (почти)

04.08.2019 21:45

к сожалению морем оно не особо пахнет. Всё таки залив почти пресноводный

05.08.2019 13:57

но зато с виду как настоящее

07.08.2019 11:39

Great place to cool off :-)

04.08.2019 16:50

Yes, and near the house

04.08.2019 21:46


06.08.2019 22:48