Kyiv Blockchain Forum

Kyiv Blockchain Forum just started in IQ center
Anton Kobrynets is presenting Aeneas platform


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Is that the one from September?

18.12.2019 10:21

No,it's the one from today, 18 December 2019

18.12.2019 14:01

Cool. It attended this one in September. It was nice to see that the Blockchain community in Ukraine is well established.

19.12.2019 08:13

It was last year? I think I was there too

20.12.2019 09:01

I was there now in September. Are you based in Kyiv?

20.12.2019 09:25

Yes, I'm based in Kyiv. We have good crypto community and Steem community too, there are many meetups. The link you sent was from 2018, maybe you visited another conference BlockchainUA which was this September

20.12.2019 09:48

Nice to hear that :) I was in Kyiv for 3 weeks in September. And I am planning to be there again in February. Is there any chance to meet you and others?

Ok, here is the right info. From 20 Sep

21.12.2019 08:28

Yes sure. Let me know when you come and let's meet. Yes, I also was at BlockchainUA conference this September

21.12.2019 09:29

Cool. Maybe we even saw each other :). I will let you know, thanks ! :)

21.12.2019 18:49