Worldwide Cannabis Guide: London, United Kingdom


London Marijuana Laws

Cannabis is considered a Class B drug. Marijuana in the United Kingdom is regulated under the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1971’ which classifies drugs in A, B, and C categories with A being the most harmful.Possession, cultivation, transpiration and sale are all illegal under UK law. In 2005 marijuana was moved from a Class C to a Class B with much controversy. A failed attempt to reclassify cannabis in England back to C failed in 2012. Due to this class B status, a user can face possession charges of a mandatory 28 days for 3 offences of possession.

Law Enforcement

Marijuana enforcement varies but generally the first two counts of possession of less than 3 grams results in confiscation and a warning.

Where to buy marijuana in London

The best weed can be found in greater London, most notably Brunel University and Thames Valley university or throughout the Uxbridge Road or even in South-all; known in papers as the heroin capital of London. Where simply contacting a dealer via word of mouth will do the job. Make sure you ask for the good stuff or you will end up with hash or something of low quality.

In south London, Brizon, Cold Harbour Lane there are many street sellers that will offer skunk, but this is not the safest place in the world to buy.

We have many reports to consider, also check the comments for the most recent connections:

Everywhere in the center of the city. Contacts are easily made in Kings Cross, Brick Lane, Soho, Camden Town, Brixton, and Ladbroke Grove. If you can smell the dope then there is someone selling it nearby. If you don’t know anyone, I suggest that you go to the markets in these areas and the stall holders will likely point you in the right direction.

Yes. I did. I took a train out to Brixton. Walked around until I smelled the smoke and got some weed. Trust me. They got the skunk and commercial.

A tip for Brixton and Camden Town: It is easy to buy on the street here as you will here offers as you walk along Camden High Street and Cold Harbour Lane, but from a safety point of view it is better to get a hookup from someone that you trust, such as a local contact. It is risky to buy weed from these areas just by hooking up on the street as some dealers are crack addicts who just want your wallet. In other cases you may just get ripped off with something that looks like weed, smells like it but is either pure help with very little THC or some hermit rubbish. Use your common sense.
Check the comments below and sort by ‘Newest’ for the latest postings in London.

Cannabis Prices and Types

£15 – £25 per 1/8 oz. (3.5 gr), £30- £50 per 1/4 oz, £60- £80 per 1/2 oz.

When purchasing a larger quantity, the price goes down to £100-£130 per oz. Prices are £20 for an eighth (3.5 grams) for an on the spot street deal. Only get a street deal if you’re desperate. If you have a good hook up you can typically get an ounce for £100 – 140. ”

Most cannabis is Skunk imported from Amsterdam.

Another reporter added: “Street dealers only advertise “skunk weed” and “hash”. Neither are really true. Skunk means any smelly weed that batters you over the head, and hash is soapbar which is bootpolish, milk powder, henna, rubber tyres and perhaps the odd bit of trim from a cannabis plant. Do not buy “hash” on the street in London. If you even think about it, at least test what you are buying if that is possible. If you have a good connection then what you can have is unlimited – much of the best stuff is imported from Amsterdam or homegrown and generally very high quality. London has more good weed than it does hashish, because of the sale of soap bar. Hashish is very hard to find here.

More Information

When buying anything from these street peddlers be very careful. Always ask them what they have and what price and always ask them to show it to you first.

I have been conned twice by these peddlers. Once they sold me two bags of happy pills and when I checked one of them was normal aspirin and the other was a bag rolled and tightly wrapped around it self.

Also once in Camden I bought skunk from the place I normally used to get it, but the guy not only gave me to bags short and then ran away, but the bags he gave me were black and contained wheat in it.

Some amusing examples of tolerance to dope can be found in London. At the Notting Hill Carnival each year, Rastafarians can be found selling huge logs of weed out of supermarket bags on the street, and its good stuff.
Generally any music festival in town should see many dealers doing business aside from the more corporate sponsored shows.

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