What If... Life Is Eternal With No Beginning or End?

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The What if? Series.

In this series of open-ended questions we will explore with the Ask.Steem Community hypothetical questions prefaced with the words "What if".

The questions will delve into the infinite possibilities stretching from the possible (but highly improbable) to the highly probable. When the mind is stretched to think in that manner, it becomes the hotbed for new ideas, hypotheses, theories, discoveries and inventions. The world we live in and the conveniences we take for granted are largely the by-products of the imaginary adventures our forefathers undertook after having asked countless hypothetical "What if" questions.

We will also explore the scenario analysis known as 'Counterfactual Thinking' - analyzing the possible alternative scenarios instead of those that happened. What events would have followed if something didn't happen or something else had happened? Questions like, "What if Japan won in World War II ?" "What if Hitler believed in ahimsa, like Mahatma Gandhi? "What if President John F Kennedy was not assassinated on November 22, 1963?"

The process will encourage you to think critically and creatively out of box, however ridiculous it may be. It is both educational and fun.

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What if this is actually true? Where life starts somewhere, but you eventually won't die (live eternity) but there's a twist of 2 scenario: life of endless work, play, tons to do but kept on living; while the other, imprisonment of a nightmare that you will never be able to get out?

And there's a choice, it can happen anytime, any day but we need to have that choice made.

06.08.2020 22:55