💥Why the 2021 Bull Market is NOT the 2017 BullMarket (YET...) !

Hello HODLers,


I have been reading a lot of posts, listening to different podcasts and even watching some videos claiming "This time this bull market is different".

Well, this is clearly a redflag for me as it has been said for numerous bubble like situations (Tech Bubble, Subprimes Crisis...).

Nevertheless, I still think we are not YET at the peak of this Bullrun. Bitcoin, BNB or ETH price do not make me nervous but some other projects who have been there for years and didn't develop a solid product / use case are in the Top 20.

The point is not to say this is a scam or not but it is making me VERY nervous. I believe Ripple (XRP) emphasizes this issue.

Back to our initial thoughts:

In 2017, the Bull Market was driven by Retail (which was a first in history btw). We were claiming institutionals were coming but the truth is that they did not.

In 2020-2021 after a very harsh Bear Market, this new Bull Run was kickstarted by the FED and other Central Banks, followed by smart entrepreneurs or investors (Microstrategy, Mark Cuban, Grayscale, multiple funds and then the famous Elon Mush and his company Tesla).


For anybody having been there for a few years, we are clearly getting heated in terms of optimism by retail investors BUT this is NOTHING compared to the 2017 cycle.

Here are some metrics that could help you see for yourself:

Bitcoin Google Trends (Worldwide)


Bitcoin Google searches did not hit the ATH seen in 2017.

It seems also with many more products being available through altcoins such as ETH, BNB, EOS... There has been an increasing number of REAL businesses in the DeFi, Gaming, NFT, Social

Ethereum Google Searches (Worldwide)


Ethereum searches are at an ATH and this is the same for many other altcoins. This Bull Market is about true adoption of some use cases mentionned above.

The truth is without DeFi, none of this would have happened. This brought some investors and helped us gain some much needed momentum that is just amplyfiying as more institutions join.

Exchanges have been also getting traction recently with COinbase listing, new users and of course the launch of the Binance Smart Chain which made the BNB token go parabolic.

Exchanges Google Searches (Worlwide)


Therefore I do not think we have yet to hit the ATH of this 2021 Bull Market

I am very excited to see what is next. Next HUGE milestones: Coinbase being listed tomorrow !

What do you think about the current Bull Run and do you think Coinbase is going to pump or dump?

I will be upvoting comments as usual.

Peace and Stay safe !


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Comments 2

Well the market is unpredictable and it is difficult to know what may happen. I am not a specialist in this matter but it is said that there will be a pump with the coinbase.
Hopefully and this benefits us all.

13.04.2021 20:29

Hopefully it is not a "Sell the News" event !

In any case, it is good for crypto adoption.

Thanks for your comment

14.04.2021 06:14