CONTEST: Great actrors that have won Oscars | CONCURSO: Grandes actores que han ganado premios Oscar | Jeff Bridge

Jeff Bridge is an American actor and producer, best known for the films The Mirror Has Two Faces and Planet Ka-Pax. Oscar winner (2010) for the lead actor in the film Crazy Heart. Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actor for his role in David Mackenzie's At Any Cost.


The first appearance in front of the camera took place at the age of 4 months, along with his father, famous actor Loid Bridges, he starred in television series. Prior to becoming an actor, Jeff worked for some time in the Coast Guard. He received his acting education at the studio of Herbert Burderf, Utyhagen in New York. Bridgie played the first roles while still a student. His debut major role brought the actor success for his supporting role in the last film screenings in 1971, with director Peter Bogdanovich Lies received an Oscar nomination

Today the actor has more than 55 films. Meanwhile, Jeff Bridge has established himself not only as a great actor, but also known as an artist and photographer. His works are exhibited from time to time in a famous gallery.
Jeff Bridges even has a musical talent, which he demonstrated back in 1989 with his brother Bo and Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie The Famous Baker Brothers.
Bridges also writes lyrics and composes while working with Quincy Jones.
And in 2000, he released his first album featuring Michael McDonald, Amy Holland and David Crossby.

At 70, the actor is not ashamed of his age and says that he is always young)

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