POWER UP!! What is it? || A Simple Guide to power up

Hello Everyone,

After I have won the 03rd place of this month #spud4steem a lot of new comers in Sri Lanka community wonder what this “Power up” is.

This is to explain, what is power up and how you can do it.

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Before moving to power up we need to understand how the reward system works in this platform.

When we write a blog, we have an option to choose how we get rewarded. By default setting, it is set as ”Power Up 100%” (if you haven’t change it when your profile is set). The meaning of 100% is that we will receive the full reward as Steem Power (SP).


Figure1: Reward set up for your blog

However, you can change this by clicking ”Advanced settings” option.

There you have 03 options, what we need to choose here is,
”50% SBD / 50% SP”
Once we choose that option we will receive our potential reward as SBD (Steemit Dollars) & Steem Power.

Note: With the price fluctuation the setting has to change to get maximum rewards. For the moment SBD has a value better than $1 USD. In such periods, I would always advise you to choose ”50% SBD / 50% SP” option. If the value of SBD is less than $1 USD then the setting should be ”Power Up 100%”

In 7days (one week) time of your publication, you will receive your reward and once you Redeem your rewards, you can check the balance in your wallet.


Now that you know how the reward system works for your blogs, let’s see how we can turn our potential earnings into SP

Convert SBD to STEEM


To do Power Up you need Steem, so, we have to convert our earned SBD into steem first. Let’s see the process:

- Go to the ”Wallet”.and you can check the earnings,


Figure2: Wallet with your earnings

Here you can clearly see that under STEEM it says
>” Steem can be converted to STEEM POWER in a process called powering up”

As you see I do not have enough STEEM to power up, but I have $11 SBD. I can convert these SBD into STEEM,

Simply click the arrow next to SBD amount and then choose the ”Market”

- In the "BUY STEEM" section enter the amount of SBD you want to exchange for STEEM.


Figure2: Steemit market place to convert SBD & STEEM

As you can see I have $11.752 SBD available. The market is quite good in recent days and I have decide to convert $10 SBD as an example for this tutorial. So, I have enter the amounts and click "BUY STEEM"

- Confirm the Limit order


- Use your Active Key to confirm the password


When the limit order confirms your STEEM balance will be updated in the wallet. Go back to the wallet after a few minutes to check the balance.

🚀 Time to POWER UP 🚀


This is how my wallet look like after converting my SBD. Now you can see that I have STEEM to POWER UP 💪


Figure3: Wallet after converting SBD

Drum roll please... 🥁🥁🥁


Now all we have to do is click "POWER UP". Then enter the amount you want to power up in the pop up and click "Power Up". Confirm the Memo, and in the next window confirm the password with an "Active Key".


Done, I have done it successfully. This is the prove.


Figure 4: Wallet after POWER UP

Why you should POWER UP your account


I believe now you understand that, Power up is a process of increasing your Steem Power (SP) in your account. Let's see why we have to do this,

- Your Vpower get increased
I loved it when I see my 100% vote is 0.12 (thanks to #spud4steem delegation). Your SP has direct impact of the voting power. When you have more SP you can appreciate others simply upvoting them with a good voting power.

- Earn more curation rewards
When you are upvoting the quality content you too earn curation reward. This is the easiest way to earn in this platform.

- Help communities with Delegation
You can help other communities with SP delegations. The community will get benefited with members delegation and increase their upvote value while you also can enjoy the upvote from them and delegation rewards as well.

- Become a Valuable Steemian to the Platform
When you re invest your SBD to steem you become a stake holder of the community and steemit team loves it. Because at the end to run the whole platform we each other have to dependable other than expecting votes from the curation team.

I hope my instructions are clear and will be helpful for you. If there's anything please leave a comment.

Thank you!

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The most valuable article. I did a small power up of 161 steem today. I look forward to further powering up. My only hope is to increase the amount of steem power and increase the reputation.

Thank you..😊

06.06.2021 18:23

Suberb! See you at the top.

06.06.2021 18:53


07.06.2021 01:00

As a newcomer these days um trying understand this and this was really helpful . thanks alot for the details♥️

07.06.2021 08:14

Happy to see that it was helpful. See you at the top!

07.06.2021 16:50

It is a detailed article and well described with relevant photos.
I am a newbie to this steemit platform and looking forward to going through such articles which will support me to get an idea about structure.

07.06.2021 15:31

Great.. I'm happy it see that it was useful for newbies.

07.06.2021 16:02

Very informative tutorial bro. Appreciate your effort 👍👍

07.06.2021 18:23

Thank you @reddileep

I hope to see many power ups for July #spud4steem

07.06.2021 18:26

@virajherath Thank you so much aiya. This article is so valuable to me. Step by step it explained very well. Much appreciate your effort. This is very good for newcomers to build up their knowledge about steemit.

08.06.2021 04:10

Thank you @nilumadu.. keep on learning and see you at the top!

08.06.2021 05:41

This is the article I was hoping for. You have clearly explained. Thank you very much. I have few more questions 😅.

  1. At least how many of sp are needed for a spud4steem delegation?
  2. Why delegate in the 1st day of every month?
  3. To where delegate for a spud4steem delegation?
    I know this is stupid. But I ask because I don’t know.
09.06.2021 03:20

Answers to your questions,

You must have more than 500 SP & no more than 20,000SP
Go to this link for all the guidelines #SPUD4STEEM RULE UPDATE

I think the question is why Power Up on the 1st day of every month? (Delegate is a different term)

Spud4steem is a contest which is organized on the 01st of every month. It is just a contest to promote steemit and motivate users to power up. The main person behind it is @kiwiscanfly. Follow him for the latest updates about #spud4steem. You can power up on any date, but it is better to participate in this contest because when you win you will have extra SP delegation for 21 days.

This question is a bit confusing one. What do you mean by "to where delegate"

09.06.2021 04:06

Thank you so much. I got the answers for my all questions from you. Then, I read the guidelines which you mentioned here. All curiosities were resolved.
Thanks Again😊
See you at the top✌🏻

09.06.2021 18:56

Hi, @virajherath,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn a portion of the curation rewards!
3000SP | 4000SP | 5000SP | 10000SP | 100000SP

09.06.2021 05:25

Very good tutorial, this is very useful for beginners in understanding what power up are about

09.06.2021 16:30

I appreciate you honest feedback

09.06.2021 16:38

Thank you brother, I'm glad you came to me and gave very simple and good instructions about power up

09.06.2021 16:43

Thanks @virajherath, for the guidance given in your publication, it is very useful

11.06.2021 21:27

I'm glad that it is useful for you.

12.06.2021 03:59