On the first day of Christmas


My 3 year old boy opening the first day of his first advent calendar that I made which gives him the task of decorating the Christmas tree - for the first time! Watch as his eyes light up! All firsts!

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06.12.2019 13:45


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06.12.2019 13:54

Thank you ❤️

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06.12.2019 20:39

Hi @vincy, I'm a DTube Chain block producer & STEEM witness. I'm currently working on DTube Rewind 2019, a compilation of all things trending on DTube this year.

I'm requesting if I can use a small section (< 15 seconds) of the following video for the upcoming Rewind:


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08.12.2019 02:10

Sounds cool to me! Do l need to do anything or are you able to extract the video? Thanks!!

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08.12.2019 02:13

I will only use a few seconds of an extract 😉

08.12.2019 03:56