An update on my life and pregnancy!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to update again after a long time!
I really need to get back into it!
I’ll explain why I’ve been MIA in the vlog!
I also tried out the livestream vimm for the first time too earlier!

Thanks for your support!
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I am a full time mum to one energetic 3 year old boy, expecting one more boy to come next year, casual photographer, wife, and I make videos and phlogs. I am part of #Seven77, #SteemitMamas, #Onelovedtube, #Drisers and #TeamAustralia 🌅 Please visit my feed and profile for more details :)


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Yeah, that is a lil big bump ;)
Enjoy your holiday and hope that perks up your mood ;D
The changes will become your new routine... just go with the flow and you'll do great
Sending you some good vibes <33

19.11.2019 08:08

Thanks for the tips!! Especially coming from an experienced mama like you hehe

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19.11.2019 08:41
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