How the fire crisis in Australia is affecting the suburbs

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a little vlog on how the smoke and fires in Australia affected our suburbs and how glad we are for the rain and cooler weather right now 🙏🏻

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14.01.2020 06:49

its so bad for those pregnant, old and young. the air was so terrible I had to close the windows or else I'll be coughing often

14.01.2020 07:47

Yeh I thought surely it’s not that bad but I couldn’t even stand more than 5-10 minutes out in those really hot smokey days before I felt sick. One of those days I got heatstroke from just walking to a restaurant from the car park!

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14.01.2020 09:28

Be safe @vincy...
Though the is slightly clear, we never know what small sediments are there in the open air. Especially with you carrying, do be safe, my dear..

14.01.2020 15:13

Thank you Ireen!! Yes there are a lot of particles

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15.01.2020 22:47